Jan. 20, 2020
Sumitomo Corporation
J:COM Tokyo Co., Ltd.
Jupiter Telecommunications Co., Ltd.

Partnership Agreement Concluded on Promoting 5G Use in Tokyo’s Minato Ward

Sumitomo Corporation (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Hyodo) and J:COM Tokyo Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Nerima-ku, Tokyo; President: Yoshihisa Adachi; hereinafter, “J:COM Tokyo”), a group company of Jupiter Telecommunications Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, President & Co-CEO: Hirohiko Imura; hereinafter, “J:COM”), have reached an accord with Minato Ward (Tokyo) on concluding a partnership agreement (hereinafter, “the Agreement”) to promptly construct and utilize next-generation mobile telecommunications (hereinafter, “5G”) networks in Minato Ward. The parties to the Agreement will begin considering approaches to introduce 5G base station sharing services for telecommunications companies from FY2020, and will conduct demonstration testing of local 5G (Note 1) and other new technologies within Minato Ward.

5G is a next-generation telecommunications technology offering very high speeds and extremely low latency to multiple users simultaneously, and in addition to mobile communication, expected 5G applications span a broad range, including education, medical care, and disaster prevention. Because 5G base station coverage is less than that for 4G, however, quickly setting up base stations and securing sites for equipment installation will be essential if 5G is to be made more widely available. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced its “TOKYO Data Highway Basic Strategy” in August 2019, and has begun strategically constructing 5G infrastructure within the Tokyo metropolitan area by, for example, approving the installation of 5G equipment in metropolitan government-owned facilities.

Under the Agreement, shared-use antenna systems that enable 5G base station sharing services and intelligent poles outfitted with these systems (Note 2) will be installed in public facilities owned by Minato Ward and elsewhere, helping put in place 5G telecommunications networks at an early date. Introducing local 5G equipment whose use can be restricted to specified areas within Minato Ward offices and public facilities will create environments that make it possible to employ 5G and other new technologies within the ward and to verify their utility.

The partners will have their own respective roles to play under the Agreement: Minato Ward will be using ward-owned facilities to promote 5G use, J:COM Tokyo will be providing locations for the installation of equipment such as optical fiber cables and wireless devices, and Sumitomo Corporation will be supplying the shared-use antenna systems and control systems needed for local 5G communications. These efforts are expected to serve as the nation’s first model of broad-area 5G deployment via a public-private partnership, with the aim being to help improve convenience for residents and visitors in Minato Ward.

In 2019 Sumitomo Corporation was involved in demonstration testing of local 5G and worked with Tokyu Corporation on proof-of-concept 5G base station sharing in Shibuya, in the process amassing knowledge and know-how necessary for the 5G era. Sumitomo Corporation will be looking to expand services utilizing 5G over a wider scope and create a next-generation business by teaming up with other companies.

J:COM Tokyo participated in the local 5G demonstration testing carried out by Sumitomo Corporation in 2019, doing its part by providing equipment and locations needed for this testing. It has long disseminated local information as a community-based media company, contributing to communities through its existing business activities and its creation of new business opportunities. J:COM Tokyo also hopes to help revitalize local industry by offering new services utilizing 5G and other technologies and by collaborating with other companies.

J:COM operates a cable television business via 11 companies nationwide, including J:COM Tokyo, and works closely with communities to provide a variety of services to its customers. J:COM Tokyo expects through this latest effort toward Society 5.0 to use 5G and other technologies to offer communities new added value, and to take advantage of opportunities to collaborate with government offices and other companies.


(Note 1) Local 5G
A 5G network operated by a local government, a company, etc., as a dedicated network to meet the diverse needs of communities and industries

(Note 2) Intelligent poles
Smart streetlights capable of being outfitted by telecommunication companies with wireless devices, cameras, sensors and other multifunctional equipment


■ Intelligent poles




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