Apr. 01, 2022
Sumitomo Corporation

Construction started for Onshore Wind Power Project in Abukuma, Fukushima―Output to reach a capacity of approx.147,000 kW, one of the largest in Japan―

Fukushima Reconstruction Wind Power GK (in Japanese Fukushima Fukko Furyoku Godo Kaisha(note)), a joint venture established by a consortium of nine companies: Sumitomo Corporation; JR-East Energy Development Co., Ltd. (“JED”); Fukushima Mirai Kenkyukai; Japan Wind Engineering Co., Ltd. (“JWE”); Fukushima Electric Power Co. Ltd.; Shimizu Corporation; Obayashi Clean Energy Corporation; RENOVA, Inc.; and Shinobuyama Fukushima Power Co., Ltd., has started construction of four wind power plants in the Abukuma area in Fukushima Prefecture―Abukuma Wind Power Plants No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, and No. 4 (hereinafter collectively called the “Project”).  

In recent years, governments around the world have been accelerating the adoption of renewable energy generation as a way to address climate change. Last year, the Japanese government announced the 6th Strategic Energy Plan, which includes the national electricity mix plan to increase the share attributable to renewable energy to 36 to 38% by 2030. Expectations are rising for renewable energy as a main power source to approach the goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. Fukushima Prefecture, promoting itself as a pioneer in introducing renewable energy, has set the renewable power generation target of exceeding the requirement to meet demand from the entire prefecture by around 2040. 

Fukushima Reconstruction Wind Power GK was selected by Fukushima Prefecture in 2017 to receive a grant to promote the Project. The specific plan is to install 46 wind turbines with a height of 148 meters in a wind farm built along a ridge stretching over Tamura City, Okuma Town, Namie Town, and Katsurao Village in the Abukuma area. This will be one of the largest onshore wind power generation projects in Japan when completed in the spring of 2025 as scheduled. The Project is designed to have a total output capacity of approx.147,000 kW, which can meet the power demand of 120,000 households on an estimated annual basis. The generated electricity will be transmitted to its purchasers through shared power grids operated by Fukushima Power Transmission Co., Ltd. A portion of the proceeds from electricity sales will be allocated to supporting reconstruction efforts in the region.

Sumitomo Corporation has set a medium-term goal to increase the supply of renewable energy to 3 million kW or more by 2030 by developing and deploying carbon-free energy. The company will contribute toward creating a sustainable society through the development and operation of the Project.

JED is carrying out various activities to fulfill its mission of promoting regional revitalization through wind power projects. This is part of initiatives implemented to accomplish the JR-East Group’s long-term environmental goal Zero Carbon Challenge 2050 by ramping up the introduction of renewable energy.

Fukushima Mirai Kenkyukai is endeavoring to contribute to the reconstruction of Fukushima and the future development of the region from a long-term view, under the slogan of making Fukushima thrive in 30 years ahead.

JWE plays a leading role in developing the Project, starting from the planning stage. Based on its wealth of experience in engaging in wind power projects over more than 20 years, the developer handles the entire range of processes from location selection to development, construction and operation. Upholding the motto of “sincerity,” the firm is committed to forming long-term relationships of trust with local communities and pursuing locally oriented electricity project management.

Fukushima Electric Power was established by Fukushima Prefecture and other entities as part of efforts toward goals set under the Fukushima Prefecture Renewable Energy Promotion Vision. The company is primarily engaged in solar power generation while also participating in wind power projects and forming a shared power gird operating company, with the aim of supporting local organizations facilitating the introduction of renewable energy. 

Shimizu Corporation is aiming to help build a sustainable society in the future by creating forward-looking value (smart innovation), according to its long-term vision for 2030. Through the development and operation of the Project, the company will contribute toward creating an environment-conscious, sustainable society.

Obayashi Clean Energy Corporation (an Obayashi Group company) owns a total of 31 renewable energy (solar, wind, and biomass) projects with a total output capacity of 205,000 kW. The developer will continue pursuing green energy businesses vigorously, demonstrating its commitment to the sustainable development of society. 

RENOVA participates in the construction and operation of the Project. Through this project, the firm is endeavoring to help efforts toward a decarbonized society and promoting collaboration with local entities, in accordance with its mission “to create green and sustainable energy systems for a better world.”

Shinobuyama Fukushima Power was established in 2016 with the three objectives of “driving Fukushima’s reconstruction efforts forward by promoting renewable energy projects,” “achieving a truly effective recycling-oriented society,” and “getting Fukushima back to the pre-disaster state.” The company is enhancing renewable energy business development, with a view to: 1. securing adequate orders received for regional projects; 2. providing adequate job opportunities; and 3. developing appropriate personnel. 

Fukushima Reconstruction Wind Power GK (godo kaisha, equivalent to a limited liability company) resulted from the reorganization in 2018 of the preceding company incorporated in 2015 as a kabushiki kaisha (joint-stock company).


■ Business Overview 

Business Name       Abukuma Wind Power Generation Business 
Business Entity  Fukushima Reconstruction Wind Power GK 
Investors  Sumitomo Corporation, JED, Fukushima Mirai Kenkyukai, JWE, Fukushima Electric Power, Shimizu Corporation, Obayashi Clean Energy Corporation, RENOVA, and Shinobuyama Fukushima Power 
Project Location  Tamura City, Okuma Town, Namie Town, and Katsurao Village, in Fukushima Prefecture 
Total Output  Approx.147,000 kW  
Schedule  Construction started in 2022; scheduled completion in spring of 2025 

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