Feb. 01, 2024
Sumitomo Corporation
Sumitomo Corporation Kyushu Co., Ltd.
Motobu-cho, Okinawa, Japan
Daiichi Koutsu Sangyo Co.
Tobu Top Tours Co.

Launch of Sustainable Tourism Project
Featuring EV Taxis for Inbound Tourists

Sumitomo Corporation, headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, alongside its affiliate, Sumitomo Corporation Kyushu Co., Ltd. in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, collectively referred to as the "Sumitomo Corporation Group," in collaboration with Motobu Town, Okinawa Prefecture, and the "Daiichi Koutsu Group" consisting of Daiichi Koutsu Sangyo, Naha Daiichi Koutsu, and Orion Daiichi Koutsu, together with Tobu Top Tours Co., are pleased to announce the initiation of a groundbreaking the project for sustainable inbound tourism employing electric vehicle (EV) taxis.
This project, endorsed by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism as a "Regional Transportation Co-creation Model Demonstration Project," marks a pivotal step towards fostering eco-friendly travel experiences. To celebrate the launch of the "Motobu Story Quest" EV taxi service, scheduled to commence in early February 2024, we have organized a special event on February 1, 2024, at the Naha Bus Terminal.

The "Motobu Story Quest" introduces chartered EV taxis to explore the enchanting tourist attractions of Motobu Town, Okinawa Prefecture. Tailored for both first-time visitors and those seeking a unique experience, the service offers three model courses focusing on the themes of "sea," "culture," and "seasons" in Motobu Town. The flexibility to customize sightseeing tours and make spontaneous stops along the model course sets this chartered taxi service apart.

Foreign visitors can collect exclusive Non-Fungible Token (NFT) stamps at recommended local attractions, creating a digital tapestry of cherished memories within the exclusive app. This unique feature not only preserves the essence of your journey but also beckons them to revisit Motobu Town, unlocking new chapters in their evolving adventure with every return.

How You Enjoy the NFT Stamp Rally

“Motobu Story Quest" aligns with the commitment to promote sustainable tourism in Okinawa Prefecture, responding to the evolving needs of environmentally conscious inbound travelers after the pandemic. By integrating taxi services into a comprehensive transportation plan, the project seeks to address persistent challenges such as traffic congestion and transportation inadequacies in tourist areas. This initiative not only enhances the experiences of tourists but also contributes to the well-being of local residents.

Aligned with the Sumitomo Corporation Group's vision of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, this project reinforces Sumitomo Corporation Group’s dedication to reducing CO2 emissions and enhancing renewable energy utilization across diverse business sectors. Beyond the adoption of EVs to drive decarbonization, the project aims to create new value for travelers, allowing them to savor sustainable travel experiences in Okinawa.

In collaboration with the Dai-Ichi Koutsu Group, Sumitomo Corporation Group aims to provide innovative transportation solutions. This aligns with our vision to collaborate with various mobility services, promoting a seamless and sustainable travel ecosystem and contributing to the advancement of local communities by addressing challenges within existing taxi fleets and regional transportation systems.

Note: The "Regional Transportation Co-creation Model Demonstration Project" is an initiative by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism, fostering collaboration among entities to enhance and revitalize regional public transportation while integrating it with local lifestyles.