Supporting the "Sankyu Thank You Project" in Kenya and Uganda

Supporting the “Sankyu Thank You Project”

Sumitomo Corporation supports the “Sankyu Thank You Project,” a project run by the Japanese Red Cross Society to protect the lives of infants in Southern and Eastern Africa. (“Sankyu” means “maternal leave” in Japanese.) Under the project, we aim to protect the lives of as many African mother/infant pairs as the number of babies born to our employees on maternal or child care leave. Sumitomo Corporation started endorsing the program in 2013 by making donations and visiting the supported regions.

The director of the Nairobi Office joined a mobile health clinic in Garba Tula, Kenya.

The Japanese Red Cross Society, through other Red Cross societies around the world, supports the establishment and operation of clinics and engages in public health awareness activities, including promotion of HIV and tuberculosis tests. Rather than merely providing supplies, its activities aim to change people’s mindset, establish mutual support systems in local communities, and contribute to reducing infant mortality rates. In the hope that its activities expand even further, we will continue to provide support.