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Rivian Rev’s Up Anticipation at the L.A. Auto Show


Rivian Rev’s Up Anticipation at the L.A. Auto Show

Onlookers at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles found themselves gazing at more than just stars on the evening of November 28th. The iconic locale hosted a sneak peek of Rivian’s electric pickup truck to a crowd of press and auto-enthusiasts ahead of the L.A. Auto Show.

Attendees watched in anticipation as the first of Rivian’s EAVs (Electric Adventure Vehicles) weaved its way through the darkness, up the winding trail toward the observatory. Met with paparazzi-like excitement, the media eagerly snapped photos as Founder and CEO R.J. Scaringe stepped alongside the pickup truck to make its long-awaited introduction.

Despite the glittering backdrop of Hollywood and flashbulbs of the press, Rivian is a brand that is decidedly unfussy – nurturing a market segment that seeks outdoor adventure, albeit with a premium price tag. Scaringe often likens Rivian as the Patagonia jacket to Tesla’s Armani suit.

In the electric vehicle market, Rivian is beating traditional automakers to the finish line with their American-made “adventure vehicle” portfolio, which includes a pickup truck and SUV model. Both were formally debuted during official press events at the L.A. Auto Show, following the exclusive preview at the Griffith Observatory.

Under Scaringe’s meticulous care, Rivian has grown to over 650 employees with five locations across the U.S. and the U.K. In California, the company’s Irvine and San Jose offices lead the charge in battery, electric and control applications as well as tech and data science for its vehicles. In central Illinois, Rivian is building their EAV’s in a 2.6 million-square-foot manufacturing plant formerly owned by Mitsubishi. London is home to its newest location, where former McLaren engineers lead the advanced engineering team. Finally, just as the great American car companies of yesteryear set up shop in the “Motor City” decades ago, Rivian’s HQ resides just on the outskirts of Detroit. After nearly a decade operating in “stealth mode,” while accumulating nearly half a billion dollars in funding – Rivian has stepped into the spotlight, ready to share with the world its vision for the future of mobility.

A Partnership for the Future
Sumitomo Corporation invested in Rivian in 2017 to help fund the R&D and manufacturing of its first electric vehicles. As a strategic partner, SC aims to leverage its global reach, expertise and network within the automotive sector to help Rivian execute its vision.

“We are very encouraged based on the reaction we received from the industry following our debut in Los Angeles,” said Tony Ishibashi, Strategy Director at Rivian (a secondee from Sumitomo Corporation of Americas). “There has been an outpouring of support and interest in what Rivian is creating, and we see the potential for greater opportunities and partnerships as we continue on this journey.”

The initial buzz following Rivian’s debut has been overwhelmingly positive. Hailed as a “Direct Challenge to Land Rover” by Gear Patrol, and that the R1T will “out-drag sports cars” by Car Throttle, the company is well positioned as it begins accepting pre-orders for both its R1T (pickup) and R1S (SUV), which only require a $1,000, fully-refundable deposit. Production will begin in 2020, putting its first owners behind the wheel within a year.

Fuel Your Adventures – The World’s First EAVs 
The R1T and R1S feature a driving range up to 400+ miles on a single charge and an acceleration of 0-60 in 3 seconds. Both vehicles have a payload of 800kg and a towing capacity of 5,000kg and 3,500kg respectively. In short, Rivian has produced some of the most powerful yet fuel-efficient vehicles on the road to date.

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