Sep. 22, 2021
Sumitomo Corporation of Americas

Sumitomo Corporation of Americas Signs Sales Agreement to Market EcoVAP’s Groundbreaking Wastewater Solutions

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New York, NY – September 22, 2021 – Sumitomo Corporation of Americas (“SCOA”) has signed a non-exclusive sales agreement with EcoVAP, Inc. (“EcoVap”), a leader in advanced water reduction solutions for agricultural, municipal, and industrial users. EcoVAP’s patented and patent-pending water technologies provide both environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternatives to conventional water elimination and recovery practices; Sumitomo Corporation of Americas will introduce the company’s industrial water elimination technology to its diverse global network.

“EcoVAP is the ultimate disrupter in this space, providing innovative solutions that are sorely needed in industrial wastewater management,” said Steve Takeuchi, General Manager of the Mineral Resources Unit, Sumitomo Corporation of Americas. “We are excited to market their platform throughout the many industries we serve, providing companies with solutions that are cost-effective, easy to deploy, and sustainable for the planet.”

EcoVAP’s industrial wastewater elimination technology evaporates water at a rate that is nearly 60 times faster than conventional evaporation pond surfaces without the use of external power sources to drive evaporation. EcoVAP leverages the principles of biomimicry, fluid dynamics, and aerospace engineering to create an exponential increase in the surface area available for water-to-air exchange, and constant, gravity-based movement of water that drives natural convection within the unit to power the accelerated evaporation process. This unique combination naturally returns the water portion of an industry’s wastewater stream to the hydrologic cycle while simplifying the recovery of contaminated solids in a catchment for final disposal or recycling. This solution is ideal for industries and applications including produced water management, mining industry tailings pond management and remediation, power generation cooling and wastewater streams mining ponds, final remediation of mining sites, tar sands, and salt recovery, to name a few.”

“We find tremendous value in our partnership with SCOA,” said Jason Mendenhall, Chief Executive Officer at ECOVAP. “The agreement is an important catalyst in scaling our business by providing the financial and operational infrastructure that allows delivery of our technologies across various industries globally. Even more, SCOA’s corporate values and commitment to sustainability aligns with our business goals. We are excited about the prospects of our two companies working together.”

This partnership with EcoVAP is the latest example of SCOA’s efforts to source sustainable solutions for crucial mining, oil and gas, energy and construction industries, aligns with our corporate values and demonstrates a commitment to sustainability that supports ECVOAP’s overall mission of effectively combating the worlds water crises.

SCOA and ECOVAP are excited to contribute to the creation of a more sustainable world through this partnership.

About Sumitomo Corporation of Americas

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About EcoVap

EcoVAP is a pioneer in innovative wastewater solutions. The EcoVAP Evaporative Matrix™ is a biomimicry wastewater solution that radically improves the sustainability of an operation. Unlike traditional approaches, EcoVAP harnesses the power of Mother Nature to dramatically accelerate evaporation, reducing costs, environmental risks and complexity.

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