Our Vision

For many years, Sumitomo Corporation has been active in the Indian market and involved in many businesses in the country. In fact, Sumitomo Corporation sent its first representative to Bombay (now Mumbai) in 1950, before the establishment of diplomatic relations between India and Japan in 1952. Today, we are working towards our vision of "developing Sumitomo Corporation India’s activities to contribute to sustainable growth in India".

The scale and growth potential of India is an attraction for businesses and investors from around the world. I believe that capturing the energy and vitality of India, making the most of its business potential, and contributing to the sustainable prosperity and development of its communities are mutually complementary goals for Sumitomo Corporation and the country itself.

To this end, we will focus on our customers and business partners in India to create, grow, and strengthen businesses that are rooted in local communities. The beautiful phrase "Unity in Diversity" represents philosophy of this country and within Sumitomo Corporation, we also believe that diverse voices and ideas bring about exciting innovations that have the power to change societies and lives for the better.

We will leverage our expertise, network, and comprehensive capabilities in a variety of businesses, and above all, we will work with passion for the prosperity and development of the country and local communities of India.

Sumitomo Corporation India Private Ltd.
Takuro Horikoshi
Chairman & Managing Director