Transportation & Construction Systems Group

Business Lines

  • Trade and operations for ships, aircrafts, and aerospace related products, as well as general lease & finance business.
  • Sales, service, rental and trading businesses of construction, mining, agricultural,and industrial equipment together with related products.

Business Overview

The Transportation & Construction Systems Group is engaged in businesses in ships, aircraft, aerospace, and construction equipment (including mining, agricultural, and industrial equipment). We evolve our business in response to the trends of the times, contributing to the improvement of social infrastructure, carbon neutrality, and the establishment of a circular economy.

In the fields of lease, ship & aerospace, we are developing our ship/marine business, national security/aerospace business and world-class aircraft and engine leasing services. We also aim to evolve our solutions further by introducing our integrated strengths to our group finance & lease company.

In the field of construction and mining equipment, we contribute to the development of various types of infrastructure, and to mining innovation, by providing high-quality customer service (including top-notch product support) through our sales and service business, and by developing our equipment rental business globally.

Through utilization of advanced technologies, we are also working to strengthen existing business areas and develop new businesses areas.

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Transportation & Construction Systems Group
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Takao Kusaka
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