Lifestyle Business Group

Business Lines

  • Retail businesses such as supermarkets
  • Food products including perishable food (meat, fruits and vegetables) and food raw materials (fruit juice, grains, oils, sugar and sweeteners)
  • Healthcare business, such as drugstores and managed care business.

Business Overview

In the retail business field, we are developing retail-related businesses, such as the operation of supermarket chains,
that capture the diverse values of consumers and make each individual’s life more enjoyable.
In the food field, with the aim of enriching people’s dietary lives, we are expanding our business foundation for sustainable supplies by dealing with a wide variety of food products such as meat, fruits and vegetables, grains, oils, and sugar.
In the healthcare field, we are establishing sustainable healthcare systems that contribute to improving the quality of life of individuals, as well as managing drugstores, dispensing pharmacies, managed care, clinics, and other businesses that solve social issues such as the aging population and rising healthcare costs.

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Kotaro Tameda
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