Living Related & Real Estate Business Unit

Business Lines

  • Lifestyle & retail businesses in the food supermarket, drugstore and textile segments
  • Fresh & Processed Food (including vegetables, fruits and meats) businesses / Grain, oils & sweeteners business
  • Businesses related to materials & supplies, such as wood, building materials, cement and biomass
  • Real estate businesses, including office buildings, retail facilities, residences, logistics facilities and real estate funds

Business Overview

The Living Related & Real Estate Business Unit is engaged in businesses in the fields of lifestyle & retail, food, materials & supplies and real estate.

In the lifestyle/retail field, we manage a variety of retail and textile businesses to meet diverse consumer needs, such as supermarket and drugstore chains, and further explore our healthcare-related businesses.

In the food field, we aim to expand our fresh & processed food business, mainly focused on fruits, vegetables and meat, and also aim to develop stable business foundations for grains/oils and sugar.

In the materials and supplies field, we conduct wood businesses centering on sustainable forest management and enhance our environmentally friendly biomass business.

In the real estate field, we focus on our core businesses in Japan including office buildings, commercial properties, residences, logistics facilities and real estate fund business, while actively seeking to develop overseas real estate business mainly in the US and Asian region.

Business of the Living Related & Real Estate Business Unit


Living Related & Real Estate Business Unit
Planning & Coordination Dept., Living Related & Real Estate Business Unit
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