Major Subsidiaries and Associated Companies


Company Name Details of Business Business Group
ASAMA GIKEN CO., LTD. Molding and manufacturing of cast parts for automobiles Automotive
Battery Station Kyushu LLC ・Electricity business
・Possession and maintenance of Battery Energy Storage System.
Energy Transformation
Belle Maison Logisco Co., Ltd. Planning, operation and management of distribution centers for mail-order companies Diverse Urban Development
BLUEWELL INSURANCE BROKERS LTD. Reinsurance broker Diverse Urban Development
BS Holdings Co., Ltd. Electricity business, manufacturing, sales, leasing, installationm, operation and maintenance of energy related facilities / equipment Energy Transformation
CHANNEL GINGA CO.,LTD. Content production, creator management and brand sales activities in digital media Media & Digital
CHIBA KYODO SILO CO.,LTD. Grain storage (Loading, unloading, storage and transportation) Lifestyle
CHUBU COAL CENTER. LTD. Storage of coals and the related business Mineral Resources


Company NameDetails of BusinessBusiness Group
Discovery Japan.Programming business specializing in documentariesMedia & Digital
ECOBUNKER SHIPPING CO., LTD.Domestic Shipping IndustryEnergy Transformation
ENESSANCE HOLDINGS CO., LTDPlanning the strategy of LPG & home solution business, controlling its subsidiaries, and LPG wholesaleEnergy Transformation
EWEL, INC.Corporate benefits administration outsourcingLifestyle
FEILER JAPAN CO.,LTD.Import, designing and sales of the German luxury line of Chenille fabrics brand “FEILER” as exclusive importerLifestyle
4R ENERGY CORPORATIONRecycling of lithium-ion batteries (collection, production, distribution)Energy Transformation


Company NameDetails of BusinessBusiness Group
GREAPE ONE LTD.Wireless service platform operator for Local 5G and Regional BWA(Broadband Wireless Access), research, development, manufacturing, operation, maintenance, sales and rental of various terminals and base stations, Telecommunications business as defined in the Telecommunications Business LawMedia & Digital
GYXIS CORPORATIONManufacture, storage, transport, sale and import, export of LP gasEnergy Transformation
Hakobune CO., LTD.EV,Charger lease & rentalAutomotive
HOKKAIDO DISTRICT HEATING CO., LTD.District heating and cooling in SapporoDiverse Urban Development
HOKKAIDO SHEARING KAISHA, LTDFabrication and sale of steel productsSteel
IG KOGYO, CO., LTDManufacture and sales of metal siding products and othersDiverse Urban Development


Company NameDetails of BusinessBusiness Group
JCOM CO., LTD.CATV operation and telecommunication business throughmanagement of CATV operators, Program supplying business for CATV operators and digital satellite broadcastMedia & Digital
J SPORTS CORPORATIONSupplier of sports programmingMedia & Digital
Jupiter Entertainment Co., Ltd.Operation of movie programming "Movie Plus" and women's entertainment programming "LaLa TV"Media & Digital
JUPITER SHOP CHANNEL CO., LTD.Management of direct marketing business centered around Shop Channel, which conducts correspondence sales via CATVMedia & Digital
KI FRESH ACCESS, INC.Large area middle trader business of fresh vegetables and fruits and service center businessLifestyle
KINTO CORPORATIONLeasing of motor vehicles, Auto repair/Inspection, Fleet management, Used car sales, Businesses assosiated with Mobility as a serviseAutomotive
KIRIU CORPORATIONAutomotive components manufacturer (Disc rotor, Brake drum, etc.)Automotive
KIRIU OITA K.K.Automotive components manufacturer (Disc rotor, Brake drum, etc.)Automotive
KIRIUYAMAGATA CORPORATIONAutomotive components manufacturer (Disc rotor, Brake drum, etc.)Automotive
LNG JAPAN CORPORATIONTrading of LNG, investment and financing related to LNG businessEnergy Transformation


Company NameDetails of BusinessBusiness Group
MAMMY MART CORPORATIONSupermarket chainLifestyle
Mazda Steel Co., Ltd.Shearing, slitting, and sale of steel sheetsSteel
METAL ONE SUMISHO TUBULAR PRODUCTS CO.,LTD.Processing and sales of steel tubular and other steel productsSteel
OGA WIND POWER CORPORATIONWind Power IPPEnergy Transformation
OOTONE WAREHOUSE CO., LTDShearing, slitting, and warehousing of steel sheet productsSteel
OPTECH ENERGY Co., Ltd.Energy management service, System development and Data analysisEnergy Transformation
OSHIMA SHIPBUILDING CO., LTD.ShipbuildingTransportation & Construction Systems


Company NameDetails of BusinessBusiness Group
PETROCOKES JAPAN LTD.Manufacture and sale of petroleum needle cokeMineral Resources
POWER FRONTIER HOLDINGS CO.,LTD.Shareholding of solar power generation companies in Japan and overseasEnergy Transformation


Company Name Details of Business Business Group
S.C. BUILDING SERVICE CO.,LTD. Facility management of buildings (Cleaning, equipment maintenance and security) Diverse Urban Development
S.C. CEMENT CO., LTD. Sales of cement, ready-mixed concrete and concrete products Diverse Urban Development
SC-ABEAM AUTOMOTIVE CONSULTING Automotive industry focused consulting Automotive
SC AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING CO., LTD. Developing automotive engineering business Automotive
SC DIGITAL CO., LTD. Operation management and investment activities in digital media Media & Digital
SC FOODS CO.,LTD. Developmental import and sale of foods, meat, beverages, grains, fats, sugars, etc. Lifestyle
SC MACHINERY AND SERVICE CO.,LTD. Sales of various kinds of machines and equipment Automotive
SCSK CORPORATION Software development, information processing service, communication network service, sales of package software as well as software and hardware, SI service and others, and BPO Media & Digital
SCTM ENGINEERING CORPORATION Automotive engineering service provider Automotive
SHARING DESIGN INC. Providing 5G-centered base station sharing services to mobile communications carriers Media & Digital
SHINKO SUGAR MILL CO., LTD Manufacturing and sales of sugar and molasses Lifestyle
SMB KENZAI CO., LTD. Sales of various building materials and construction work Diverse Urban Development
SOLAR POWER SAIJYO CORPORATION Solar Power IPP Energy Transformation
SPRING INFRASTRUCTURE CAPITAL CO., LTD Fund management of infrastructure funds Energy Transformation
SUMISHO AERO-SYSTEMS CORPORATION Sale of aerospace equipment Transportation & Construction Systems
Sumisho Airbag Systems Co., Ltd. Manufacture and sale of side curtain airbag cushions for automobiles Automotive
SUMISHO BUILDING MANAGEMENT CO.,LTD. Operation, management, planning and consulting service for office buildings, construction work, management and contracting for buildings and equipment including electric systems, and tenant brokerage Diverse Urban Development
SUMISHO GLOBAL LOGISTICS CO., LTD. Global Logistics Service Provider Diverse Urban Development
SUMISHO INSURANCE CORPORATION Insurance agency Diverse Urban Development
SUMISHO INTERIOR INTERNATIONAL INC. Interior design, construction and interior product procurement, import, export, sales of furniture and carpet, and industrial materials Diverse Urban Development
SUMISHO MARINE CO., LTD. Shipping related trading business (newbuilding/2nd hand/charter) Transportation & Construction Systems
SUMISHO MATERIALS CORPORATION Trading of precious metals and other products Mineral Resources
SUMISHO METALEX CORPORATION Sale of non-ferrous metal products, Construction material, Electronic part material and Battery material Mineral Resources
SUMISHO MONTBLANC CO.,LTD. Planning, production and sales of white coats, service industry uniforms, work uniforms and related clothing products, as well as production and sale of linen materials Lifestyle
SUMISHO REALTY MANAGEMENT CO., LTD. Investment management business, investment advisory and agency business, Type II financial instruments business, and building lots and buildings business Diverse Urban Development
SUMISHO TATEMONO CO., LTD. Sales, brokerage, leasing and management of real estate Diverse Urban Development
SUMISHO URBAN DEVELOPMENT,CO.,LTD. Planning, development, management, and operation of shopping centers Diverse Urban Development
SUMISHO VENTURE PARTNERS, INC. CVC Portfolio Management, ICT related business development with Portfolio, ICT related investment, Fund investment Media & Digital
SUMITOMO CORPORATION GLOBAL METALS CO., LTD. Sales of metal products & metals and services within Japan, import and export, trilateral trade, and domestic and international business investment Steel
SUMITOMO CORPORATION POWER AND MOBILITY CO., LTD. Trade in automobiles, railcars, etc., and electric power project facilities, development and implementation of overseas electric power infrastructure and railway infrastructure, new business development in the mobility field Automotive
SUMITOMO MITSUI AUTO SERVICE COMPANY, LIMITED Leasing, rental, maintenance, repair, and inspection of automobiles, parts and accessories Automotive
SUMITOMO MITSUI FINANCE AND LEASING COMPANY, LIMITED Leasing Transportation & Construction Systems
SUMITOMO PRECISION PRODUCTS, CO. Manufacture and sale of aircraft components and heat exchangers, and ICT equipment Transportation & Construction Systems
SUMITOMO SHOJI CHEMICALS CO., LTD. Sale and trade of plastics, organic chemicals, inorganic, and fine chemicals and electronic materials Chemical Solutions
SUMITOMO SHOJI MACHINEX CO., LTD. Sale of machinery and equipment Diverse Urban Development
SUMITRONICS CORPORATION Electronics Manufacturing Service Chemical Solutions
SUMMIT,INC Supermarket chain Lifestyle
SUMMIT AGRI-BUSINESS CORPORATION Manufacture and sale of fertilizers and agriculture-related materials Chemical Solutions
SUMMIT AGRO INTERNATIONAL LTD. Development and distribution of crop protection products, household insecticides and pet care products Chemical Solutions
SUMMIT AIR SERVICE CORPORATION Travel agency Diverse Urban Development
SUMMIT-BENICHU COIL CENTER CO., LTD Purchase, shearing, slitting, and sale of steel sheets Steel
SUMMIT COSMETICS CORPORATION Manufacturing, Import and Export Sales, and Research & Development for Cosmetic Product and its ingredient Chemical Solutions
SUMMIT CRM, LTD. Trading of carbon-related materials (coke, etc), refractories Mineral Resources
SUMMIT ENERGY CORPORATION Planning, development and operation of domestic retailing of electric power, domestic business in electric power and energy field and controlling its 5 subsidiaries
・Summit Handa Power Corporation
・Summit Sakata Power Corporation
・Summit Myojo Power Corporation
・Summit Mihama Power Corporation
・Summit Onahama S Power Corporation
Energy Transformation
SUMMIT ENERGY DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD Advisory services for exploation, development and production of natural gas and other resources and the related business Energy Transformation
SUMMIT GLOBAL POWER LTD. Development, asset management and technical support for power generation and desalination projects. (This company has a branch in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates) Energy Transformation
Summit Handa Power Corporation Biomass-fired power generation Energy Transformation
Summit Mihama Power Corporation Power and steam supply Energy Transformation
SUMMIT MYOJO POWER CORPORATION Biomass-fired power generation Energy Transformation
SUMMIT OIL MILL CO., LTD. Manufacture and sales of vegetable oil, and contract manufacturing, filling and packaging Lifestyle
SUMMIT PHARMACEUTICALS INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION Drug discovery services, pharmaceutical development and supply of active pharmaceutical ingredients, intermediates and formulations Chemical Solutions
SUMMIT SAKATA POWER CORPORATION Biomass-fired power generation Energy Transformation
SUMMIT STEEL CO.,LTD. Shearing, slitting, and sale of steel sheets Steel
SUMMIT WIND POWER CORPORATION Wind Power IPP Energy Transformation
SUN TRINITY LLC. Business development and operation of solar power generation business in Japan Energy Transformation


Company NameDetails of BusinessBusiness Group
Taiyo Kenki Rental Co., Ltd.Rental business of construction machineryTransportation & Construction Systems
T-GAIA CORPORATIONSelling cellular phones and serving as an official dealer for cellular phones, Providing communication solutions services mainly to companies and serving as an intermediate for fixed-line communication services, Settlement service and other new businessesMedia & Digital
Tomod’s CO., LTD.Drugstore (with dispensing function)Lifestyle
TOMRA JAPAN LTD.Production, export, import and sales of reverse vending machines for used beverage containers (metal, plastic, and glass bottles and etc.) Collection and recycling of used beverage containers and the other materialDiverse Urban Development


Company NameDetails of BusinessBusiness Group
WELLNEO SUGAR CO., LTD.Manufacture and sales of sugarLifestyle
Yasato Kosan Co. Ltd.Owning and operating of golf courseDiverse Urban Development