Dec. 17, 2015
Sumitomo Corporation

Sumitomo Corporation invests in Chinese animal drug manufacturer Shandong Sinder Technology

Sumitomo Corporation recently entered the animal drug business in China by acquiring 25% of the shares of Shandong Sinder Technology Co., Ltd. (“Sinder” or the “Company”), a Chinese manufacturer of animal drugs headquartered in the Shandong Province of China.

One of China’s highest selling private manufacturers of animal drug products, Sinder is engaged in the manufacturing, import/export and domestic sale of veterinary medicinal products (especially animal vaccines) and feed additives. The Company is also the only manufacturer in China licensed for the high-tech manufacturing and sale of avian influenza vaccines. Sumitomo Corporation will combine Japan’s cutting-edge technology with Sinder’s manufacturing expertise and sales networks to meet the demand for animal vaccines not only in China but also in the rest of Asia and emerging countries elsewhere.
*Sinder is the only manufacturer of avian influenza vaccines as a private unlisted company in China. Besides they apply unique and high-tech manufacturing process, they only possess in China to avian influenza vaccines production.

Demand for meat and interest in food safety/security is expected to rise as the global population increases and living standards in Asia and emerging countries elsewhere improve. China’s market for animal drugs is second only to the US in scale, and China also boasts the largest market in the world for livestock medicines  at an estimated 440 billion yen. As China strengthens regulations on residual drugs in meat under the Food Safety Law, which went into effect in 2015 and introduced more environmental regulations, livestock breeders are rapidly increasing the scale of their operations, prompting expectations of a growing shift from “treatment” by conventional antibiotics to “prevention” by vaccines. This is forecasted to produce stable growth of approximately 10% annually in China’s vaccine market. Furthermore, Japan, China, and South Korea have reached government-level agreements on joint efforts to eradicate avian influenza, which poses a serious infection threat to humans, and cooperation among these countries has become essential.

Sumitomo Corporation will help prevent the spread of livestock-borne infectious diseases in East Asia thorough collaboration between vaccine manufacturers in Japan and China as East Asia combats the infectious animal diseases taking hold in the region. With Japan’s domestic livestock products market unlikely to see further expansion, sales collaboration with Sinder via Japanese products and technical licenses will contribute to the development of Japan’s animal drug industry by giving a boost to Japanese animal drug manufacturers expanding overseas.

Sumitomo Corporation began exporting insecticides produced by Japanese agrochemical manufacturers in the 1990s. In 2004 it ventured into the pet care business in the US, the world’s largest pet market, by acquiring the pet care products manufacturer The Hartz Mountain Corporation (“Hartz”), and then launched Summit VetPharm LLC as a spin-off from Hartz, since that time gaining considerable know-how in the manufacture/sale of animal drugs, especially flea adulticides, larvicides and acaricides for pets. Through its recent acquisition of locations for the manufacture/sale of vaccines and other animal drugs in China, the world’s largest livestock products market, Sumitomo Corporation is seeking to further advance the global reach of animal drugs for pets and livestock and eventually to see its animal drug business achieve 100 billion yen in sales.

About Shandong Sinder Technologies Co, Ltd.
Headquartered in Zucheng, Shandong Province, Shandong Sinder Technologies is a manufacturer, importer/exporter and seller of animal vaccines and other veterinary medicinal products. Established in 1999, the Company completed 344 million RMB of annual sales in 2014. The company has approximately 1,100 employees.

Pictured Below: Signing ceremony for investment agreement
(Front left: Li Zhaoyang, President, Sinder; Front right: Masahiro Fujita, General Manager, Mineral Resources, Energy, Chemical & Electronics Business Unit)

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