Dec. 11, 2018
Sumitomo Corporation

ESG Communication Book 2018 released

Sumitomo Corporation (Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer: Masayuki Hyodo) has released the ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) Communication Book 2018, a compilation of its approaches to a variety of social/environmental issues and its perspectives on sustainable growth.

Rising interest in achieving a sustainable society has given greater breadth to ESG investment, which looks at corporate efforts to address social issues as well as governance and other management mechanisms to assess the outlook for long-term improvement in corporate value, and companies are being required to actively disclose such non-financial information.

Sumitomo Corporation has been disclosing non-financial information through integrated reports and websites to serve a tool for dialogue with stakeholders. It hopes to establish effective communication with a variety of stakeholders by preparing the new ESG Communication Book 2018 and consistently disclosing more substantial non-financial information.

The Sumitomo Corporation Group will continue striving through its business to resolve social issues and grow in a sustained fashion alongside the rest of society.

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*The English version will be released next spring.


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