Aug. 31, 2017

Sumisho Machinery Trade hosts office tour for children of employees

On August 18, 2017, Sumisho Machinery Trade Corporation (SMT) hosted its SMT Kids' Day, inviting employees' children to headquarters to show them around their parents' workplace.

As one of its measures to encourage work-life balance, SMT organized SMT Kids' Day in response to its employees' request to provide their children with an opportunity to see their office and undersatand about their work. About 60 children participated in the event, touring the headquarters, including the president's office, mail room and announcement room. They also had an experience of exchanging business cards with employees.

SMT employees made positive remarks on the event. "It was delightful to see my family warmly welcomed by my co-workers," said one. "It was great that my child further understood what I do at work.", another looked back the day. The children, meanwhile, gave such feedback as: "I was surprised to know that my parent had so many colleagues," and "I was happy because everyone was very nice to me." Upon seeing their parents' workplace for the first time and communicating with their co-workers, the children seemed to have understood a rough idea of what it meant to work and how important to respect their colleagues at work is.

Said Masayuki Koda, President and CEO of SMT, "I hope that events such as Kids' Day are helping employees achieve a better work-life balance, as well as leading to greater motivation and attachment to the company. As for myself, my love for SMT has grown even stronger thanks to this event." This time, we arranged Kids' day specially for children of elementary school and younger, but we will surely offer similar events and opportunities to our employees in the different age range so that they can foster a sense of unity among employees and their family members, hoping for creating a more comfortable workplace.

The children exchanged their "business cards" that was specially made for the event, with employees.
Commemorative photo taken in the lobby
They visited the president's office and excitedly tried his chair and took photos.