Mar. 20, 2018

Open House Tokyo/ Cosmetic Exhibition in Tokyo with Intercos

For three days from February 19 to 21, Summit Pharmaceuticals International Corporation (SPI) held a cosmetics exhibition in Tokyo, Japan co-organized in partnership with Intercos, a cosmetic original design manufacturing (ODM) company based in Italy. The exhibition was intended to serve as a showcase of Intercos's cosmetics products for Japanese cosmetic brands. As a leading ODM company in the cosmetic industry, Intercos manufactures and develops a range of products for globally renowned cosmetic brands. Specifically, the company proposes product concepts, designs, prescriptions (formulations) and others to cosmetic manufacturers, and then manufactures the proposed products to order in an integrated manner.

Intercos CEO Dario Ferrari visited Japan for the exhibition. Intercos conducts business with a focus on the keywords "Innovation" and "Global" to create new value based on new ideas and technologies. The company is committed to providing its products on a global basis, localizing them in consideration of the culture and trends of each region as well as the needs of local customers. The CEO said that he had been wanting to do business in Japan since he first visited the country in his 20s, and that the exhibition finally provided him with an opportunity to turn his longtime dream into reality. Intercos is planning to provide the Japanese cosmetic industry with its proprietary technologies and ideas in partnership with SPI.

The exhibition, which featured displays of vividly colored and exquisitely designed cosmetics, was attended by representatives of around 20 cosmetic manufacturers and other companies. SPI and Intercos will launch a joint venture sometime in 2018 to develop business in Japan.
CEO Dario Ferrari gave some background story and shared his aspirations for business in Japan.
Intercos has strength in manufacturing color cosmetics with excellence in both design and usability.
The company's patented Prisma Shine technology contributes to the exquisite design, pure colors and rich texture.