Oct. 10, 2019

Sumisho Machinery Trade Corporation changes its name on 50th anniversary

Sumisho Machinery Trade Corporation, a member of the Sumitomo Corporation Group, held a ceremony marking the 50th anniversary of its founding on October 1. Coincident with the ceremony, the company also changed its name to “Sumitomo Corporation Power & Mobility Co., Ltd.”

The company has also developed a new vision and corporate slogan for its milestone year.

Its vision is to be “Committed professionals contributing to prosperous future of the world through development of evolving mobility systems and social infrastructure.” The phrase “contributing to prosperous future of the world” indicates the direction of its business in accordance with the SDGs (*), aligned with Sumitomo Corporation’s corporate message of “Enriching lives and the world.”

Its corporate slogan is “Power to the Frontier.” This expresses the intention and pledge of Sumitomo Corporation Power & Mobility toward achieving its vision. It also references the demonstration of both its strength and role in rapidly growing “frontier countries” and its focus on “evolving frontier technologies” to support their growth.

Masayuki Hyodo, President and CEO of Sumitomo Corporation, participated in the ceremony as a guest and offered his congratulations, saying, “The new company name beginning with Sumitomo carries huge responsibility. I hope the company will achieve further development under its new vision.” In addition, Masayuki Koda, President and CEO of Sumitomo Corporation Power & Mobility, expressed his hopes for the company, saying, “We would like to support manufacturers and engineers that have worked on research and development and disseminate the benefits of advanced technology throughout the world.”

  • SDGs : Abbreviation of Sustainable Development Goals. Consisting of 17 targets, the SDGs cover global issues to be met by 2030. They were adopted by all of the 193 member states at the UN General Assembly in 2015.
Mr. Hyodo, President and CEO of Sumitomo Corporation, appeared as a surprise guest to send a strong message of support to Sumitomo Corporation Power & Mobility.
Mr. Koda, President and CEO of Sumitomo Corporation Power & Mobility, shared his thoughts on the company’s long history and its new vision.
A celebration was held after the ceremony. The “Future Design Project” launched to discuss the way forward for the company and society as a whole proposed a plan for younger employees to further grow the company.
The lively celebration was proclaimed a success, with various related people of Sumitomo Corporation Group attending the venue.