Mar. 08, 2021

Granted Special Award in Recognition of 100SEED at Corporate Volunteer Awards

Sumitomo Corporation received the Special Award at the Sixth Corporate Volunteer Awards in recognition of the 100SEED program, which is a social contribution activity conducted globally by the Sumitomo Corporation Group.

The Corporate Volunteer Awards are granted by the Tokyo Voluntary Action Center (TVAC) organization, which is managed by the Tokyo Council of Social Welfare. The awards commend volunteer activities conducted by employees of companies located in Tokyo.

Recipients of the Awards are selected based on the criteria including the following: employees’ proactive participation in the volunteer activity, meeting the needs of local communities and non-profit organizations, ease of employee participation in the activity, and effective use of the company’s resources and employees’ ideas in the activity. Sumitomo Corporation was selected to be a recipient this time in recognition of the scale and history of the program.

In the award ceremony held online on February 24, representatives of Sumitomo Corporation participated together with those from the collaborators for 100SEED: the Japan Center for International Exchange and Service Grant Japan, Inc. At the ceremony, the program was acclaimed for the scale of the activity, in which 120 employees in Japan and 347 overseas participated. Also noted were the company-NPO collaboration form and the implementation of the program, in which employees themselves take the initiative in the creation of ideas and design of specific activities.

Encouraged by the commendation, Sumitomo Corporation will further develop the 100SEED program with the participation of even more Group employees.

General Manager Shigeki Ohno of the Corporate Sustainability Department displays the plaque, while Miyuki Egusa, 100SEED program leader, holds the certification of commendation (left)
Screenshot of the online award ceremony