Sep. 07, 2022

Sumitomo Corporation's agrochemical subsidiary "Summit/Sumi/Sumisho Agro" Group develops a global brand identity

Sumitomo Corporation, whose agribusiness companies specialize in particular in the development and distribution of advanced crop protection products, fertilizers and seeds, develop its new corporate identity. The goal is to ensure a unified global presence, including national subsidiaries that operate under different names for naming rights reasons, but with then unified and renewed Group logo and its mission / vision.

Sumitomo Corporation has been engaged in trading and wholesaling of agricultural chemicals for more than 40 years, and currently operates wholesale companies in 37 countries around the world, contributing to agricultural production together with producers around the world. Currently, we have established a wide-area four-base system centered on Summit Agro International in Asia, Sumi Agro Europe in Europe, Summit Agro South America in South America, and Summit Agro USA / Summit Agro Mexico in North and Central America, and are further promoting an efficient global purchasing system and information sharing on the agricultural environment and market.

The global brand identity we have developed reflects our new corporate mission to provide innovative solutions for sustainable agriculture and to be close to agricultural producers.

Mission - "We Develop Worth to Contribute for Agriculture Production"

Vision - "Closer to Farmers, Providing Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture"


The new logo designs a circular image representing our global presence to work in harmony with growers all over the world. The different tones of orange evoking our works for the bright future like shinning Sun, and the green leaf, which reflects life, underlines our focus on agriculture, as well as our daily commitment to the environment and sustainable products for the growers and society benefits. This circle has open spaces, showing our openness and willingness to develop and welcome new types of alliances and technologies solutions for the always diverse and new needs of the growers.

SA Group holds a global conference once every three years where employees from all over the world gather. The creation of the global brand identity was based on the ideas expressed by the employees at the conference. In 2020, the Summit Agro Group will also launch an organization called Global Business Development (GBD) to accelerate global collaboration in areas such as lifecycle management of existing products and development of bio-agricultural chemicals in order to expand the Group's overall portfolio.

SA Groupe will contribute to all agricultural activities based on its global brand identity.

Global canference in 2019

SA Groupe will contribute to all agricultural activities based on its global brand identity.

Takashi Tanaka, General Manager of Agriscience Dept.

We believe in agriculture as one of the essential activities for all our lives, and we are devoted to contributing to a superior agricultural production. The transition of our brand image under this unique identity strengthens our market leadership and allows us to speak with farmers, our teams, our partners and with all other stakeholders around the world with a common voice.