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Accessing cutting-edge innovation through venture capital investment


Increasing the value of existing businesses and creating new businesses for the next generation

In 1998, we established the venture capital firm Presidio Ventures, (hereinafter referred to as “Presidio”) in Silicon Valley in the US. As a corporate venture capital (CVC) investor, Presidio has invested in startups with innovative technologies or business models and has been creating new business opportunities in the ICT and media related sectors for around 20 years.

In 2002, we also established Sumitomo Corporation Equity Asia (SCEA) in Hong Kong, expanding investments in promising startups in China and other parts of Asia.

With the emergence in recent years of new technologies such as AI and IoT enabled by startups around the world, the wave of digital transformation is reaching many industries, transcending national and regional borders.

Our company aims to promote startups on a global scale, with the above CVC investments leading the way. Additionally, we aim to actively integrate cutting-edge technology and innovations to increase the value of existing businesses and create new businesses for the next generation.

Collaboration with leading overseas universities

We are stepping up our efforts to develop and discover startups through collaboration with leading overseas universities.

In the US, we are strengthening relationships with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The Boston area, where MIT is located, is known for producing promising startups, much like Silicon Valley. Presidio participates as a sponsor in the Sandbox Innovation Program, a program with which MIT supports startups launched by students. Also, Presidio is engaged in supporting student startups from an early stage, expanding networks as well as discovering promising startups on a consistent basis.

In China, we are strengthening ties with Tsinghua University. The university is known for producing many national leaders and has received global acclaim in the ICT sector. SCEA participates as a sponsor in the President’s Innovation Challenge, which is a incubation program run by the university. We will support promising ideas proposed by students through investment or assistance in global expansion and aim to gain more opportunities to discover promising IT startups in the fast-developing Chinese market.

April 2018


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