Food and Materials & Supplies

Business Fields

  • Food Ingredients
  • Processed Foods
  • Forestry Related Products
  • Construction Materials

Business Unit Overview

Sumitomo Corporation’s food, materials and supplies business in Chile provides consumer-orientated products and services in the fields of food, general supplies and construction materials. To further meet our customers’ demands, and to respond to diversifying lifestyles, we explore business opportunities in Chile that allow us to export goods, mainly to Asian markets.

Food Business

We represent and provide business support to our group company, SC Foods, by purchasing a wide range of food-related products from certified Chilean suppliers.

Forestry Related and Construction Materials

Sumitomo Corporation is involved in the Chilean forestry industry, trading products such as woodchips, biomass, logs, lumber, and pellets. We support and supervise the exporting process of our associated company, Volterra, for their woodchip and biomass business. We also supply domestic cement companies with raw materials for construction.

Subsidiaries, Associated Companies and Investments