ASAMA GIKEN, KIRIU, and Sumitomo Corporation Start to Consider Integration

Sumitomo Corporation has acquired shares of ASAMA GIKEN, an automotive brake parts manufacturer, from Honda Motor, making ASAMA GIKEN a member of the Sumitomo Corporation Group.

With its high technology, ASAMA GIKEN has supplied brake parts mainly to the Honda Group. With two plants in the United States and one plant in Indonesia, as well as one site in Japan, the company is operating business globally.

On September 2nd, a kickoff event was held at ASAMA GIKEN, where Sumitomo Corporation and KIRIU, a Sumitomo Corporation Group company engaged in the automotive brake parts business, met together. KIRIU and Sumitomo Corporation provided a detailed explanation about their management policies and corporate cultures as well as what they aim to be with integrated operation to ASAMA GIKEN employees. Subsequently, the first meeting for future growth was held.

After the kickoff event, a get-together was held in a friendly atmosphere. The three companies took the memorable first step in joining forces to be the world’s No.1 automotive brake parts manufacturing group in the automotive industry that is undergoing a seismic, once-in-a-century transformation.

Kickoff event participants from ASAMA GIKEN, KIRIU, and Sumitomo Corporation
Takeru Kikkawa, seconded from Sumitomo Corporation to be chairperson of ASAMA GIKEN, will focus on creating synergies between the two companies.
Representatives from the three companies deepened their relationships at the get-together after the kickoff event.