Since 1996, as part of Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) Sumitomo Corporation, Japan ("Sumitomo") through PT Sumitomo Indonesia has been providing scholarship support for several universities.

Currently, Sumitomo is engaged with Universitas Indonesia, Universitas Airlangga and Politeknik Negeri Jakarta for scholarship programs. With a desire to sound development of the Republic of Indonesia, the scholarship support is to aim its objective of cultivating and fostering the education of promising young leaders, who will be entrusted with the future of Indonesia, to attend the University.

In addition to scholarship program, PT Sumitomo Indonesia is also involved in donation for disaster. Recently, we participate in Aceh earthquake disaster of which was happened in December 2016 through PMI (“Palang Merah Indonesia” or Indonesian Red Cross Society).

In future, we hope that PT Sumitomo Indonesia, together with Sumitomo Corporation within its projects and other group companies, will be able to keep contributing to the development of Indonesian for the purpose of improving Indonesian people’s welfare through its business and CSR activities.