Energy Transformation Business Group

Business Lines

  • Carbon-free energy related businesses such as hydrogen, ammonium, and next-generation bioenergy
  • New power and energy services businesses such as the large-scale energy storage business and green power platform business
  • Environmental value creation businesses such as forestry, as well as methanation*1, CCS*2, carbon credit and other businesses related to carbon dioxide (CO2) capture, storage and utilization.
  • Global power infrastructure businesses such as I(W)PP*3 including renewable energy, as well as EPC*4 business, electricity retail in Japan and energy management
  • Floating production storage and offloading system (FPSO) and maritime infrastructure business development for low carbon solutions
  • Bunker fuel and lubricant supply
  • Business development and origination for low and zero carbon bunker fuel
  • LNG project, city gas distribution
  • Natural gas, power and environmental product trade (United States and UK/EU)
  • LNG trade (global)
  • Power balancing trade (Japan)
  • LPG business development
  1. Methanation: A technology in which the greenhouse gas, CO2 is taken and synthesized with hydrogen (H2) from water electrolysis to produce methane (CH4).
  2. CCS: Carbon capture and storage. A technology which isolates and traps CO2 in an underground or seabed site.
  3. I(W)PP: Independent (water and) power producer
  4. EPC: Engineering, procurement, and construction

Business Overview

The Energy Transformation Business Group will contribute to the creation of a society full of prosperity and dreams by building a decarbonization and recycling energy system and achieving a sustainable carbon cycle.

We will accelerate business development in the next-generation energy field and drive the energy transformation business of the Sumitomo Corporation Group as a whole, while leveraging our power infrastructure business platform in Japan and overseas, and further expanding the trade and business development of natural gas, LNG, and others on a global scale.

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Energy Transformation Business Group
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