Major Subsidiaries and Associated Companies

Media & Digital Business Unit


Company Name Details of Business
AlphaBoat, LLC Content production, creator management and brand sales activities in digital media
ASMIK ACE, INC. Production and distribution of movies, videos, and game software
BWA Japan Regional BWA-based telecommunications services
Channel Ginga Co.,Ltd. Supplier of general entertainment programming
CRUNCHYROLL SC ANIME FUND INC. Being part of an anime production committee. Acquiring foreign distribution rights
DeSC Healthcare, Inc. Miscellaneous healthcare businesses centered on “KenCoM,” a health recommendation app
Discovery Japan Inc. Operation of documentary programming "Discovery Channel" and animal programming "animal planet"
EWEL, Inc. Corporate benefits administration outsourcing
J SPORTS Corporation Supplier of sports programming
JUPITER ENTERTAINMENT Co., Ltd. Operation of movie programming "Movie Plus" and women's entertainment programming "LaLa TV"
Jupiter Golf Network Co., Ltd. Supplier of golf programming
Jupiter Shop Channel Co., Ltd. Operation of live TV shopping channel
Jupiter Telecommunications Co., Ltd.
  • CATV operation and telecommunication business throughmanagement of CATV operators.
  • Program supplying business for CATV operators and digital satellite broadcast.
JUPITER VISUAL COMMUNICATIONS CO., LTD. Broadcasting of special programs on hobbies and lifestyles (Broadcasting of “Act On TV” on hobbies and lifestyles for adults)
SC Digital Media K.K. Operation management and investment activities in digital media
SCSK Corporation Software development, information processing service, communication network service, sales of package software as well as software and hardware, SI service and others, and BPO
T-Gaia Corporation Selling cellular phones and serving as an official dealer for cellular phones, Providing communication solutions services mainly to companies and serving as an intermediate for fixed-line communication services, Settlement service and other new businesses


Company Name Details of Business Country/Region
KDDI SUMMIT GLOBAL SINGAPORE PTE. LTD. Investment in KDDI Summit Global Myanmar Co., Ltd. Singapore
Presidio Ventures,Inc. Venture investment in North America U.S.A.
PT MONOTARO INDONESIA E-commerce business with a focus on subsidiary materials for factories in Indonesia Indonesia
SHOP Global (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Developing a multimedia retail business with a focus on TV in Thailand Thailand
Sumitomo Corporation Equity Asia Venture investment in Asia Hong Kong
Tiki Corporation Online retailer of books and other goods Vietnam
Zoro Shanghai Co.,ltd E-commerce business with a focus on subsidiary materials for factories in China China