Major Subsidiaries and Associated Companies

Living Related & Real Estate


Company Name Details of Business
Chiba Kyodo Silo Co., Ltd. Grain storage (Loading, unloading, storage and transportation of wheat, corn, oilseeds and others)
Feiler Japan Co., Ltd. Import, designing and sales of the German luxury line of Chenille fabrics brand “FEILER” as exclusive importer.
IG Kogyo Co., Ltd. Manufacture and sales of metal siding products and others
KI Fresh Access, Inc. Large area middle trader business of fresh vegetables and fruits and service center business
Mammy Mart Corporation Supermarket chain
Nissin Sugar Co., Ltd. Manufacture and sales of sugar
S.C. Cement Co., Ltd. Sales of cement, ready-mixed concrete and concrete products
SC Foods Co., Ltd. Developmental import and sale of foods, meat, beverages, grains, fats, sugars, etc.
Shinko Sugar Mill Co., Ltd Raw sugar production
SMB Kenzai Co., Ltd. Sales of various building materials and construction work
Sumisho Building Management Co., Ltd. Operation, management, planning and consulting service for office buildings, construction work, management and contracting for buildings and equipment including electric systems, and tenant brokerage
Sumisho Interior International Inc. Interior design, construction and interior product procurement, import, export, sales of furniture and carpet, and industrial materials
Sumisho Montblanc Co., Ltd. Planning, production and sales of white coats, service industry uniforms, work uniforms and related clothing products, as well as production and sale of linen materials
Sumisho Realty Management Co., Ltd. Investment management business, investment advisory and agency business, Type II financial instruments business, and building lots and buildings business
Sumisho Tatemono Co., Ltd Sales, brokerage, leasing and management of real estate
Sumisho Urban Development Co., Ltd. Planning, development, management, and operation of shopping centers
Summit, Inc. Supermarket chain
Summit Colmo, Inc. Retailer of apparel & housewares
Summit Oil Mill Co., Ltd. Manufacture and sales of vegetable oil, and contract manufacturing, filling and packaging
Tomod's Inc. Drugstore chain
Yasato Kosan Co. Ltd. Owning and operating of golf course


Company Name Details of Business Country/Region
FujiMart Vietnam Retail LLC. Supermarket in Vietnam Vietnam
Fyffes Limited Fresh produce production and wholesale business operator in Europe and the Americas Ireland
Health Connect Holdings Sdn. Bhd. Provide Healthcare Management and Administration Service in Malaysia Malaysia
Juice Products New Zealand Ltd. manufacturing of squeezed juice from vegetables & fruit , mainly from carrots New Zealand
Krisumi Corporation Private Limited Condominium development in the northern Indian city of Gurugram in Haryana State India
P.T. Summitmas Property Leasing of office buildings and warehouses Indonesia
PM Care Sdn. Bhd. Provide Healthcare Management and Administration Service in Malaysia Malaysia
Sanyou Drugstores, Ltd. Drugstore Chain in Taiwan Taiwan
Simple Mart Retail Co., Ltd. Supermarket chain in Taiwan Taiwan