Major Subsidiaries and Associated Companies

Energy Innovation


Company Name Details of Business
Battery Station Kyushu LLC ・Electricity business
・Possession and maintenance of Battery Energy Storage System.
BS Holdings Co., Ltd. Electricity business, manufacturing, sales, leasing, installationm, operation and maintenance of energy related facilities / equipment
4R ENERGY CORPORATION Recycling of lithium-ion batteries (collection, production, distribution)
OPTECH ENERGY Co., Ltd. Energy management service, System development and Data analysis
POWER FRONTIER HOLDINGS CO.,LTD. Shareholding of solar power generation companies in Japan and overseas
SUN TRINITY LLC. Business development and operation of solar power generation business in Japan


Company NameDetails of BusinessCountry/Region
A/O TERNEYLESLogging, selling unprocessed timber, and manufacturing and sales of veneer and laminated woodRussia
CJSC PTS HARDWOODManufacture and sale of hardwood timber, precut blocks and laminated boardsRussia
CJSC STS TECHNOWOODManufacture and sale of softwood laminated timberRussia
SUMMIT FORESTS NEW ZEALAND LIMITEDHolding forest assets, Finance, Harvesting logs, Sales, Planting, SilvicultureNew Zealand