Message from General Manager for Japan Region

With Japan’s socioeconomic environment being altered by responses to climate change mitigation and the COVID-19, as well as by changes in the industrial structure brought about by the Fourth Industrial Revolution as well as the downturn in the working-age population due to a falling birth rate and an aging population, there are in fact some business transformations that are possible only in such a highly mature market as Japan.

Meanwhile, the government of Japan has announced regulatory reform and regional revitalization to boost economic growth as key measures and we also expect a contribution to major events, including the 2025 International Exposition (Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai).

Under such circumstances, we will be taking on the challenge of developing new businesses in the fields of Smart City initiatives, healthcare, environment and energy, mobility, manufacturing, and agriculture and food by blending Japan’s authentic strengths and soft power with the new technologies and digital solutions being updated on a daily basis.

We will be mobilizing our Group’s business foundation and working together with stakeholders in each region to develop rooted businesses which contribute to local society.

Nobuhiro Yoshida
General Manager for Japan Region