Who we are

President Message

As an international business enterprise, when you partner or do business with Sumitomo Corporation in South America, you are given access to local knowledge integrated with diverse expertise and resources from around the world.

We provide you a gateway for business development and expansion whether in South America, or anywhere in the Americas and beyond. The starting point of our business is always the customer. What are our customers’ needs? What are society’s needs? We always question ourselves, and listen to the voice of customers carefully, keeping in mind what we can do for customers and society. Our business teams are built on integrity, and sound management that ensures our partners and customers can trust we will always do what we say.

In South America, our slogan “MaPPS” (Market-in, Partners, Presence, Supporters), means we connect all opportunities with our integrated corporate strength. Sumitomo Corporation Group, is strengthening its 'Presence' in the South America marketplace, focusing on the development of infrastructure, renewable energy and agriculture related business, in addition to our traditional abundant natural resources business.

Instead of looking at the business from a “Product-out” aspect only, we are taking a “Market-in” approach, collaborate with valuable “Partners” as well as internal and external “Supporters”, and utilize our network and business models, having strong “Presence”, so that we can find the best solutions to meet customers’ needs and realize new value creation to contribute to the sustainable development of society. We grow together and achieve mutual dreams with our customers, business partners, and supporters by utilizing our various business expertise, executing our shared strategies and action, and increasing our activities by continuing to understand the needs of society.

Nobuhiro Yoshida

Executive Officer,
Assistant General Manager for the Americas,
General Manager for South America,
Sumitomo Corporation
President of Sumitomo Corporation do Brasil S.A.