Media & Digital Group

Business Lines

  • Digital solution business and Digital media-related business
  • Smart communications infrastructure business and value-added service business
  • 5G* related businesses
  • Media businesses in the cable television, multi-channel programming distribution
  • TV shopping business and video content-related business
  • Global Corporate Venture Capital and private equity
  • 5G: 5th Generation Mobile Communication System

Business Overview

In the digital field, we are working on digital solutions and digital media-related businesses and contributing to the digital transformation of the Sumitomo Corporation Group and our global customers together with SCSK, which operates an IT services business.

In the smart platform field, we are working to build the foundation for a smart society by expanding our mobile telecommunications business and value-added services in Myanmar and Ethiopia.

In our promising 5G* related business field, we are engaged in the base station sharing business and the development and implementation of solutions.

In the cable platform field, together with J:COM, Japan's largest operator, we are engaged in the cable TV business, high-speed telecommunications business, and video content-related business.

In the media commerce field, we are engaged in TV shopping business on Jupiter Shop Channel and development of e-commerce business.

In addition, through our global venture investment network, we are working to bring in advanced technologies, promote innovation throughout Sumitomo Corporation Group, and create new businesses.

  • 5G: 5th Generation Mobile Communication System

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