Chemical Solutions Group

Business Lines

  • Businesses related to basic chemicals(organic/inorganic chemicals, and plastics), green chemicals, semiconductor / battery materials, electronic, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, animal health products, veterinary medicine, agricultural materials (crop protection products, fertilizers , etc) and next-generation agriculture and food production systems

Business Overview

The Mineral Resources, Energy, Chemical & Electronics Business Unit is engaged in businesses in the fields of mineral resources, energy, basic chemicals, electronics, and life sciences.

In the field of mineral resources and energy, we hold interests in the production of mineral resources such as copper, nickel, coal, iron ore, petroleum and natural gas. We also operate trading business with offering extensive functions, such as by realizing synergies between trading and operating assets and using commodity derivatives.

In the field of chemicals and electronics, we are making efforts to create added value and enhance our value chain in petrochemicals, inorganic/performance chemicals and cutting-edge electronic materials, with our two pillars of trading and manufacturing functions.

In the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, agricultural chemical, fertilizer and animal drug fields, we are exploring global operations based on our advanced expertise to help people’s happy and comfortable lives.

We are also engaged in environment-friendly businesses related to battery materials and energy-saving materials.

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Chemical Solutions Group
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