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A leading mobile phone retail company offering cutting-edge telecommunications services


T-GAIA Corporation

T-GAIA is a leading Japanese company selling mobile phones and other related products and services since the emergence of the mobile phone.

As one of the largest telecom agents in Japan, the company’s retail division provides high quality services and sells mobile phones, tablets and other devices via a network of directly managed stores, secondary agents, and large retail chains.

For its corporate clients, the company provides creative, cutting-edge IT solutions, using its three key strengths: partnerships with all major telecom operators, a nationwide distribution network, and the ability to offer diverse products and services in response to market needs.

Considering the ever growing importance of telecommunication networks in the era of IoT and the need for advanced IT consulting services, T-GAIA is an organization of network service professionals ready to propose the most advanced ICT services to its customers.

Since 2000, T-GAIA has also been selling electronic payment products, such as prepaid cards, through convenience stores and other channels. As its second core business, the company is aiming for greater growth in this segment.

Together with the Quo Brand

In December 2017, T-GAIA completed the acquisition of Quo Card, making it a wholly owned subsidiary.

Established in 1987, Quo Card has over many years built a strong customer base and brand value through the sale of Quo gift cards.

T-GAIA will leverage the customer bases and management expertise of both companies to further expand the existing Quo Card business and look towards starting a digital Quo Card payment service for smartphones which can be used in convenience stores and other retail locations. Digitalization will increase the usage of Quo Cards, making them even more convenient and suitable for diverse gift-giving needs.

The QUO brand which many people are familiar with continues to be a communication tool that connects people while bringing positive economic impact to stores affiliated with both companies, such as convenience stores. T-GAIA will strengthen ties among its partners, building the mutual trust which is key to the business.

November 2018


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