Frequently Asked Questions

1. Financial Related Questions

Please tell us about your accounting standards and fiscal year.
Sumitomo Corporation has adopted International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). The fiscal year of Sumitomo Corporation is April 1 to March 31.
When does Sumitomo Corporation announce its financial results?
Please refer to "IR Calendar" page for upcoming schedule.
I would like to know the historical data of Sumitomo Corporation's financial results.
What is your outlook of future performance?
Please refer to "Financial Results" page.

2. Stock Related Questions

What is Sumitomo Corporation's stock code?
It's 8053.
Please tell us about the movement of Sumitomo's share price.
Please refer to Share Price Chart page.
Where is Sumitomo Corpoartion's stock listed?
We are listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market.
What is the minimum number of stocks allowed per trade?
It's 100.
Please tell us about the shareholder return policy and divident per share.
Please refer to Shareholder Return Information page.
When is the stockholder fixed day for dividend payment?
The stockholder fixed day for fiscal year-end dividend payment is March 31, and that for interim payment is September 30.
Does Sumitomo Corporation offer any special benefits to shareholders?
How many shareholders does Sumitomo Corporation have, and who are the major shareholders?
When and where does Sumitomo Corporation hold its ordinary general meeting of shareholders?
The oridinary general meeting of shareholders is held annually in June. More information is available on "Shareholders Information" page once the date and place have been determined.

3. General Questions

When was Sumitomo Corporation established?
Sumitomo Corporation was established in December 24, 1919. More information on our history is available on "History of Sumitomo Corporation."
I would like to know about Sumitomo Corporation's mission statement.
Please refer to "Corporate Mission Statement" page.
What is Sumitomo Corporation's medium-term management plan?
Please refer to "Medium-Term Management Plan" page.
Please tell us about Sumitomo Corporation's sustainability.
Please refer to "Sustainability" page.
Plase tell us about Sumitomo Corporation's compliance system.
Please refer to "Compliance" page.
I would like to know about Sumitomo Corporation's corporate governance system.
Please refer to "Governance" page.
Where can I read integreted reports / annual reports?
Please refer to "Integrated Report / Annual Report" page.
What are Sumitomo Corpration's current credit ratings?
Please refer to "Credit Ratings" page.