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Sumitomo Corporation established representative offices in late 1960’s in each of 3 Andean countries (Colombia, Ecuador and Peru) and has developed various business till now. We have been always trying to understand the market need as well as pain points and find the solution. Through our business activities, we intend to contribute to the sustainable growth of the regional societies.
All three countries in Andean region are very rich, with variety of mineral resources and agricultural products as well as culture, climate and people. Putting three countries together, there are over 1 million people living in the region, which is huge market and has big potential. Having said that, our resource is not unlimited and we are willing to explore such opportunities together with local partners who understand our corporate culture and philosophy.


Our mission is to discover, share and introduce such potential & opportunity with the rest of the world, to bring our expertise and capabilities to materialize the business and through business to enrich lives of people in the region. All of our members at Sumitomo Corporation Andes are very excited with these opportunities!

Takahiro Saito
SCAN President
Sumitomo Corporation Andes SAS.


(5min 02sec) (July, 2023)

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