Power Investment and Operation

Sumitomo Corporation group owns a 50% stake in the Kwinana Power Station in Western Australia. The power station is a 328MW natural gas fired combined cycle power plant which is one of the state's largest and newest power plants. Kwinana Power Station enjoys a reputation as the cleanest and most advanced power plant in Western Australia for its low CO2 emission and very efficient power generation due to its heat recovery system. Sumitomo’s ownership is held via a holding company, Summit Southern Cross Power Holdings Pty Ltd (SSCPH) based in Sydney, owned by Sumitomo Corporation.

Kwinana Power Station

Following the investment in Kwinana Power Station, Sumitomo also acquired a 50% stake of Bluewaters Power Station in Collie, Western Australia in 2013. The plants are the state’s newest coal-fired baseload power plants with a total electricity generation capacity of 430MW. Bluewaters Power Station contributes to the community to stable and reliable power supply by adopting the advanced efficient and low emission technology.

Bluewaters Power Station

Sumitomo via SSCPH has acquired 100% of the shares of Infinite Energy Holdings Pty Ltd (Head Office: Perth, Australia), which develops/sells distributed solar power systems, sells/installs storage batteries, and engages in electricity retailing. By engaging with Infinite Energy to utilize clean power drawn from renewable energies, Sumitomo is extending and expanding its business along electric power value chains from upstream to downstream. It will continue to respond to the needs of communities and customers, and contribute to meeting electric power demand in Australia.

An Infinite Energy solar PV system

Power Infrastructure

Company Name Summit Southern Cross Power Holdings Pty Ltd
Location Perth,WA Australia
Business Activities Development, ownership and management of power plants
NewGen Power Kwinana
Bluewaters Power
Infinite Energy Pty Ltd