Steel Products

Tubular and specialty steel products

Sumitomo Australia is a major trader of tubular and specialty steel products. With over 40 years experience in Australasia, Sumitomo is renowned for quality and service.

Tubular Steel


Sumitomo’s principal steel product business is the supply of Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG), parts and supply chain management services to the upstream energy sector. Our customers include small exploration companies to the largest multinationals.

Products are manufactured by Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Metal Corporation (NSSMC) in Japan under strict quality controls to ensure reliable performance. NSSMC is a strategic partner of the Sumitomo Corporation group and a renowned global supplier of steel products.

The product range includes highest quality corrosion resistant alloys designed to withstand the most hostile underground environments, high strength pipes designed for deep well applications and also standard carbon steel tubings and casings for general purpose oil and gas wells. OCTG are also suitable for geothermal applications.

Piercing of steel billet to form seamless pipe at Sumitomo Kainan mill in Japan

Steel Products

Company Name Edgen Murray
Location Brisbane,QLD Australia
Business Activities Distribution of specialised metal and tubular products for the energy industry

Supply Chain Management (SCM) Services

Sumitomo has been operating SCM services in Australia for more than 15 years. Our proprietary SCM service is a complete OCTG inventory management system which provides control and security over our customers OCTG forecasting and supply, QA/QC, logistics and distribution needs. Integral to our success, is our expertise and knowledge in on-shore rig preparation and OCTG inspection services.The tangible benefits from using a Sumitomo SCM service include:

  • JIT delivery
  • Improved cash flow (ROI)
  • Improved inventory turns
  • Greater efficiencies through reduced rig NPT (Non-Productive Time)
Supply Chain Management, Dampier, Western Australia
Tubular Product Value Chain

Line Pipe

Line pipe includes products such as Seamless, Electronic Resistance Welded (ERW) & Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) pipes. Pipes are produced at Japanese mills using industry leading technologies gained over years of research and experience. Sumitomo can also arrange to coat pipes as per customers needs.

Bar & Wire Products

Available in all shapes, sizes and grades. Superior quality used in a wide range of industry. Global supply-ability and support.

Specialty Steels

Sumitomo manufactures and imports a wide range of specialty steels in various grades and forms such as wire, bar, plate, tubes and pipe. Various grades of stainless, duplex and high alloy content material are readily available, manufactured to the highest quality global standards. Experience combined with expertise ensures that Sumitomo’s customers also enjoy the best possible service, advice and quality.

OCTG National CoordinatorMark Giggins


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