Diverse Urban Development Group

Business Lines

  • Real estate business, including office buildings, commercial facilities, housing, logistics facilities, hotels and real estate funds
  • Development and management business for sustainable cities and industrial parks
  • Business related to construction material and equipment, including construction materials, cement, air-conditioning and electrical facilities
  • Business related to industrial facilities and communication infrastructure
  • Comprehensive logistics infrastructure business and insurance business
  • Basic infrastructure business, including railroads, airports, harbor/ports, and water business

Business Overview

In the Sumitomo Corporation Group, we aim to implement the comprehensive development of prosperous and sustainable cities through the building of site infrastructure (harbors/ports, airports, logistics facilities, etc.) and trunk infrastructure (water and sewage, railroads, logistics, etc.), area development (commercial facilities, housing, industrial parks, sustainable cities, etc.) and trade and services that support these businesses and industrial infrastructures (supply of materials, equipment and facilities, logistics, insurance, etc.).
・Real estate: Office buildings and commercial facilities, housing, Build-to-suit business (custom-made development), logistics facilities, hotels and real estate funds
・Industrial parks and sustainable cites
・Industrial materials and systems: Construction materials, cement, business related to construction materials and equipment, business related to industry facilities and communications infrastructure
・Logistics and insurance: Comprehensive logistics business, support logistics at Sumitomo Corporation Group, various insurance businesses
・Basic infrastructure: Railroads, airports, harbor/ports, and water business

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Diverse Urban Development Group
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Yukihito Honda
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