Infrastructure Business Unit

Business Lines

  • Social infrastructure businesses such as water supply and sewerage systems and railroad projects
  • Electric power infrastructure businesses such as I(W)PP*1 and EPC*2 business and retail of electricity
  • Renewable energy businesses such as solar power generation and wind power generation etc,.
  • Environmental businesses such as next-generation batteries and recycling of used plastic bottles
  • Logistics infrastructure business such as container terminals, insurance, and overseas industrial-park-related businesses
  1. I(W)PP: Independent (Water and) Power Producer
  2. EPC: Engineering, Procurement, and Construction

Business Overview

With the mission "to contribute to society through infrastructure enhancement, adding our own value to it," the Infrastructure Business Unit works on infrastructure businesses by integrating our strength in a wide variety of fields, including electric power (including renewable power generation), water, electric power plant and railroad EPC, smart city development, logistics, and insurance.

In the social infrastructure field, we are concentrating on electricity retail in Japan, water infrastructure businesses, railroad projects, smart city development, airport-related private finance initiative (PFI) business, etc.

In the global power infrastructure field, we are engaged in large-scale I(W)PP and power plant EPC businesses, as well as next-generation electric power business development.

In the logistics & insurance fields, apart from our logistics services encompassing terminal operation, shipping, customs clearance and delivery, we arrange various insurance contracts and also develop and operate overseas industrial parks.

Business of the Infrastructure Business Unit


Infrastructure Business Unit
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