Infrastructure Business Unit

Business Lines

  • Social infrastructure businesses such as energy management, water infrastructure, transportation, airport, container terminal and smart city
  • Global power infrastructure businesses such as I(W)PP*1 including renewable energy, as well as EPC*2 business, electricity retail in Japan and energy management
  • Logistics infrastructure businesses, such as integrated logistics business, arrangement of various insurance contracts, development of insurance products, and development and operation of overseas industrial parks
  1. I(W)PP: Independent (Water and) Power Producer
  2. EPC: Engineering, Procurement, and Construction

Business Overview

Providing global infrastructure that meets the needs of each country, region and society, Infrastructure Business Unit contributes to the building of a society where people can live in harmony with the global environment and to the development of local communities and industries across the world.

In the social infrastructure field, we focus on water infrastructure, transportation, airport, container terminal and smart city businesses.

In the global power infrastructure field, we are engaged in large-scale I(W)PP*2 including renewable energy and power plant EPC businesses, electricity retail in Japan, as well as next-generation electric power business development.

In the logistics & insurance fields, we arrange various insurance contracts, develop insurance products, and develop and operate overseas industrial parks, in addition to an integrated logistics business.

We also focus on developing environmentally-friendly infrastructure to realize a sustainable society, promoting renewable energy generation by ways of wind, solar, geothermal and biomass.

Business of the Infrastructure Business Unit


Infrastructure Business Unit
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