Chemicals & Agriculture

Brazil has one of the largest and fastest growing agricultural businesses in the world and its chemical industry is also an important player worldwide. Both segments are key areas for Sumitomo Corporation do Brasil. We have a wide range of products and services in order to leverage Brazil’s role as a worldwide supplier of agricultural and chemical products. We also have the strategy to make strong partnerships and direct investments in Brazilian market for chemicals and agriculture segments.

Additionally, our strategy for the Brazilian market includes offering through strategic partnerships and direct investment. Therefore, in addition to its traditional agriculture and chemical trading, Sumitomo Corporation do Brasil has been investing in the most diverse sectors of this market, such as agrochemicals, cosmetics, agricultural inputs, pharmaceutical products, pet care, chemicals and polymers. Our goal is to establish our network and supply chain to bring new offerings via partnerships, which are directed at key growing consumer markets.

  • Agrochemicals – Agrochemicals Dept. represents one of the largest investments of Sumitomo Corporation in Brazil. We are one of the major shareholders at IHARABRAS, a leading agrochemical company located in Sorocaba, in São Paulo state. We will contribute to the Brazilian agriculture by enhancing our business model further.
  • Cosmetics – Sumitomo Corporation is a global player in the Cosmetic industry by offering ingredients and solutions with high technology for the largest Brazilian and Multinational companies. In 2013, we initiated a partnership with a Brazilian distributor of cosmetic ingredients called Cosmotec International. We are present in Latin America countries through our local affiliated companies and in USA, Europe and Asia with local partnerships and affiliated companies as well. Our aim is to increase our participation in the cosmetic market, which is increasing both domestically and worldwide.
  • Agricultural Inputs – Agriculture is a key element of Brazil’s history and future. And it is also an important pillar for the social and economic development of the country. Since 2015, Sumitomo Corporation has become even more engaged and committed to contribute to the sustainable growth of Brazilian agribusiness through the investment in Agro Amazonia Produtos Agropecuários S.A., a leading distributor who provides high quality agriculture and livestock inputs as well as diversified services to thousands of customers spread through various states of Brazil. We aim to strengthen our presence in the country and continuously enhance our products and services portfolio to create value and keep offering the best solutions to farmers.
  • Pharmaceutical products (for human and veterinary use) – Our purpose is to be a “Global based One-stop Shop” for the pharmaceutical and veterinary industry. Sumitomo has been operating for over 40 years in the global pharmaceutical area, having a network of more than 200 specialized and experienced members spread across 16 different locations around the world. We offer products and services that cover the entire value chain, ranging from phase 0 (research) to generics, such as: providing raw materials and intermediaries, organizing "Contract Manufacturing", licensing of new pharmaceutical products, etc.
  • Pet Care – Based on extensive experience in the pharmaceutical and agrochemical fields, Sumitomo Corporation made its veterinary debut in 2004 in the US with the acquisition of a pet care company. Since then, the company has been operating extensively through the supply of raw materials, finished products, licensing, exports, etc. Today we have professionals in more than 20 countries who are very active, in addition to new investments related to pharmaceutical-veterinary products, IOT and e-commerce in the Americas and Asia.
  • Chemicals – In the chemical products area, Sumitomo Corporation has an extensive "network" of suppliers and customers in the most different sectors of the chemical industry, serving the sectors of paint, paper and cellulose, cleaning, petrochemicals, chemical intermediates, textile, wastewater, water treatment, fertilizers, etc.
  • Polymers – Sumitomo Corporation offers various polymers through its partners, from general purpose plastics to engineering plastics and compounds, rubbers and processing additives, with applications in the areas of automotive, two-wheel, home appliance and electronics, construction, etc..

Strategic Affiliate Companies:


    Sumitomo Corporation has been a major partner for Iharabras S.A. Indústrias Químicas, also known as Iharabras. The company is located at Sorocaba/SP and is operating since in the Brazilian market since 1965. They have an extensive product portfolio containing Fungicides, Herbicides, Insecticides, Miticides, Biological Products and Growth Regulators which enable the farmers to have an outstanding control over the major pests and diseases. These products are available for key crops cultivated in Brazil. As a Japanese capital company acting in Brazil, Iharabras offers technological innovations such as proprietary molecules owned by its Japanese shareholders and partners allowing them to be positioned as a company which is constantly launching new technologies. Iharabras has a modern production facility where they synthetize, formulate and manipulate their products. Also, they have a Research Center which is a reference for the Brazilian Agro-Chemical industry.with decades of experience in Brazil and solid structure, Iharabras is a company focused on the demand and needs of Brazilian farmers.

  • Cosmotec

    In 2013, Sumitomo Corporation established a new partnership with Cosmotec Especialidades Químicas Ltda, a distributor and new formulation designer of cosmetic ingredients which was founded in 1987. Cosmotec is specialized on providing innovative products to the cosmetic market with excellent formulation technology. Cosmotec has international partners which allow them to offer the most complete line of products to its customers. They are constantly bringing alternatives and high-quality solutions to the Brazilian market. Additionally, Cosmotec was strengthened by a synergy with Presperse, a U.S. cosmetic ingredient distribution company that Sumitomo Corporation acquired in 2010.

  • Agro Amazonia

    In 2015, Sumitomo Corporation concluded the investment in Agro Amazônia Produtos Agropecuários S.A., a Brazilian distributor with solid performance in the sales of agricultural and livestock inputs (Pesticides, Fertilizers, Seeds, Veterinary Products and Barb Wire) that is present in various states of Brazil like Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Goiás, Pará, Rondônia, Tocantins and other states. This investment gives Sumitomo Corporation an entry point for a multifaceted distribution of products and services offered to contribute to the sustainable development of Brazilian Agribusiness.