Food and General Materials


We have identified Brazil not only as a basket of food & general materials (ex-wood fiber & biomass) for the world, but also as a large market. Through partnerships with enterprises & farmer-grower in Brazil as well as global network, we are developing business in & out of Brazil for food & general materials. Being aware requirements with sustainability in environment and safety in human consumption shall be more stringent than ever before, we are focusing on a business development which would meet and over achieve.

It is also worth to emphasize a consolidation within Latin America network for food & general materials are in progress so we can serve our customers as one stop center wherever their point of contacts would be.

Here are some of the examples we have been working on;


  • Vegetable Oil – Brazil is an important source of a vegetable oils. We are specialized with niche yet unique. Under a global trend with health consciousness & wellness lifestyle, we are working on with further development.
  • Sugar – Being as the world biggest producer of sugar, Brazil provides us with lots of opportunities from commodity trading to organic sugar and by-product biomass. We have taken up with every possible area of sugar business, of which some have over decades of business track record, and been striving to expand up to a level of a larger scalability.
  • Fruits & vegetable produce – This is one of core business in our food business in global context. We are capable of serving any needs that Brazilian customers are looking for in & out of Brazil.
  • General materials – Wood fiber & biomass for energy-materials are also an expertise in our business in global context. We are grateful with bonding Brazilian suppliers with customers in Japan & Europe for many years. Looking forward in global warming issues, we have made an iconic investment in 2016 into Raizen Biomassa SA for sugarcane biomass pellet venture, and have been working on with a material contribution to decarbonisation of energy and materials.