Construction & Transportation Systems

The Transportation & Construction Systems Business Department is engaged in businesses in transportation system fields (such as automotive, aerospace and ships) and construction equipment (including agricultural equipment, mining equipment, and industrial vehicles), together with our financial services companies. The Department conducts business while evolving in response to changes in our times.

We recognize the enormous potential in Brazil for all aspects of our business fields throughout strategic sectors such as agriculture, mining, mobility and others. In order to achieve new value propositions that will support the growth of the Brazilian economy and achievement of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), whose importance is increasing, we integrate 1. best practices cultivated in our businesses, 2.cross-sectional capabilities, and 3. our DX(Digital Transformation) activities, for which Sumitomo Corporation has been selected as a “DX Stock 2020” and “Noteworthy DX Company 2021” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE).

In the field of automotive business, Sumitomo Corporation has been involved in nearly all aspects of the automobile industry, from manufacturing and sales of components, through end-products to after-sales service. Today, the auto industry is about to enter an era of radical, unprecedented change brought by waves such as electrification, sharing economy, etc. Therefore, we are aiming at realizing innovation in the area of next-generation mobility services.

In the field of agricultural, construction and mining equipment, we contribute to the development of various types of infrastructure, empowering agricultural growers, ranchers, and mining companies by providing high-quality customer service (including first-class product support) through our distributors, and by developing our equipment rental business worldwide.

In the fields of aerospace & ships, we aim at adding value not only by developing our business through trading and investment, but also by utilizing our group finance & leasing company.