Steel Products

Our business unit covers a wide range of steel products, such as steel coils and sheets, shaped steel, plates, rails, wheels and axles for rolling stock, crankshafts, and wire rods. To satisfy the diverse needs of our customers and capitalise on the growing demand for steel products in emerging markets in Asia, we are actively reinforcing our business by enhancing our functions and entire value chain from upstream to downstream operations in various fields.

In Flat Rolled Steel, we provide a full range of services through our network of steel service centres and regional offices spread across South East Asia, mainly to automakers and home appliance manufacturers. Services include master coils procurement, inventory management, processing and just-in-time delivery.

We have 11 service centres (16 factories) in Asia to meet demand from customers in industries such as home appliances, automotive and construction: 3 (6 factories) in Thailand, 2 in Malaysia, 1 (2 factories) in Indonesia, 1 in India, 2 (3 factories) in Vietnam, and 2 in the Philippines.

In Special Steel, we provide services including inventory management and just-in-time delivery to parts makers and automakers. We have 2 JV companies with Mukand group in India, namely Mukand Sumi Special Steel Limited (MSSSL) engaged in the business of rolling, finishing and marketing of wire rods, bars, bright bars and wires, and Mukand Sumi Metal Processing Ltd (MSMPL) engaged in the manufacturing and sale of secondary processed products of special steel and stainless steel.

We also supply other types of steel such as plate and structural steel for offshore steel platforms, bridges, buildings, and mining construction machines, mechanical tubes and crankshafts for the automotive industry, specialty tube for power, chemical plants and railway products for local railway operation companies.

Through our business, we will support the economic growth in this region while at the same time achieving our own growth. In addition, we will continue to pursue new value creation, responding to changes in market needs for materials and processing methods and exploring collaborations with key partners within our group and industrial segment. With a focus on ESG management, we aim to achieve sustainable growth together with society.


Steel Service Centre

Metal Distribution for JIT Delivery

Rolling line in Mukand Sumi Special Steel Limited

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Speciality tubulars used in a chemical plant

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