Iron, Steel & Non-Ferrous Metal

Our business unit covers a wide range of metal products, such as shaped steel, plates, rails, wheels and axles for rolling stock, crankshafts, sheets, wire rods, stainless steel, aluminium, and titanium. To satisfy the diverse needs of our customers and capitalise on the growing demand for iron, steel and non-ferrous products in emerging markets in Asia, we are actively reinforcing our business by enhancing our functions and entire value chain from upstream to downstream operations in various fields.

In steel sheets, we provide a full range of services through our network of steel service centres and regional offices spread across Asia, mainly to automakers and electric appliance manufacturers. Services include steel sheet procurement, inventory management, processing and just-in-time supply.

In special steel and crankshafts for the automotive industry, we provide services including inventory management and just-in-time supply to parts makers and automakers.

In non-ferrous metals, besides trading in aluminium ingots and products, we are harnessing our aluminium value chain by participating in upstream manufacturing operations. In 2010, we acquired a stake in the first-ever aluminium smelting plant in Malaysia, Press Metal Sarawak Sdn. Bhd. This strategic investment is a springboard for us to expand our aluminium value chain in the region and beyond. In addition, we hold a minority investment in Boyne Smelters Limited (BSL) which is Australia’s largest aluminium smelter operated by Pacific Aluminium (a Rio Tinto Alcan-owned company).

Strategic Fields

  • Steel Service Centre

    We have 11 service centres (16 factories) in Asia to meet demand from customers from industries such as home appliances, automotive and construction: 3 (6 factories) in Thailand, 2 in Malaysia, 1 (2 factories) in Indonesia, 1 in India, 2 (3 factories) in Vietnam, and 2 in the Philippines.

  • Overseas Aluminium Smelting and Rolled Aluminium Sheet

    In 2009, Press Metal built the first ever aluminium smelting plant in Malaysia – the Phase 1 project with an aluminium smelting capacity of 120,000 metric ton per annum.

    In 2012, Press Metal completed the Phase 2 smelter with a larger capacity of 320,000 metric ton per annum and has subsequently started the development of Phase 3 plant with another 320,000 metric ton per annum. Upon completion of Phase 3, the total smelting capacity will increase to 760,000 metric ton per annum. We are in the position to market aluminium ingots and billets to various customers in the Asian market. At BSL in Australia, more than half a million metric ton of aluminium is produced every year. Moving forward, we will further increase our participation in upstream operations to enhance our aluminium value chain.

  • Metal Business for Automotive and Railway Use

    We offer just-in-time supply of wire rods, crankshafts and sheets etc, to the automotive industry. We also supply rails, rail fastenings, wheels, axles and other transportation equipment to the railway industry in Asia.

  • Wire Rod Processing

    We have 2 processing companies in this region: 1 in Thailand and 1 in India. These companies process wire rods that are then supplied to automakers and other users through parts makers.

  • Metal Business Related to the Environment and Alternative Energy

    We are supplying aluminium frames for photovoltaic (PV) module to various manufacturers in Asia.


Aluminium smelting plant (Press Metal Sarawak) in Malaysia

BSL Plant on Boyne Island, Australia at dawn

Steel Service Centre

Metal Distribution for JIT Delivery

Example of rail application