Lease, Ship, Construction & Mining Systems BU

Our business unit covers various fields such as leasing, ship and construction and mining systems.

In the leasing business, we have a subsidiary leasing company, Sumitomo Mitsui Finance & Leasing Company, Limited (SMFL), which is a strategic joint venture with Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group. SMFL is one of the largest leasing companies in Japan, holding operating assets of 4.2 trillion yen (equivalent to USD 38 billion). Collaborating with SMFL, we are providing various kinds of financial solutions ranging from manufacturing equipment financing to aircraft leasing in Asia and other countries.

In the ship business, our activities include selling new-building ships built by reputable shipyards in Japan, as well as brokering sales and purchase of second-hand ships and time chartering of various kind of ships. From Singapore, our operations are focused on Asia and Oceania by utilising Singapore’s superior position as a hub for the entire shipping and maritime industry.

In the construction and mining systems business, we deal in construction, mining, agricultural and material handling equipment from various reputable global brands to meet the diversified needs of customers.

Strategic Fields

  • Fleet Leasing

    Summit Auto Leasing Australia is a joint venture between Sumitomo Corporation Group and Sumitomo Mitsui Auto Service. We operate nationwide in Australia, providing integrated fleet solutions such as vehicle leasing and 24 hour emergency assistance. Similar leasing services are also available in Thailand, India and Indonesia.

  • Ship Business

    Through our established and strong relationship with leading shipbuilders in Japan and others, we create new-building contracts to provide high quality ships supported by advanced technologies. Leveraging our global network, we are also able to introduce a variety of second-hand ships to clients. For charter of ship, we may provide tonnages from ship-owners whom we enjoy a close relationship with, as well as a variety of plans to support seaborne transportation and maritime projects.

  • Distribution of Industrial, Construction and Agricultural Equipment

    We run distributor operations for industrial, construction and agricultural equipment in Indonesia, and for agricultural equipment in India.