Chemicals & Electronics

Our business unit is active in various fields, including chemicals, plastics and electronics.

In the chemicals and electronics field, we handle organic and inorganic chemicals, plastics, cutting-edge electronics industry materials as well as life science-related products.

Basic Chemicals (Organic Chemicals and Plastics)
We are currently handling mainly Asian-made petrochemical products while actively expanding our supply sources to other countries and areas. One of the core areas of our plastics business is the supply of plastic resins, primarily to manufacturers of automobile parts and electrical appliances in Thailand and Indonesia. To strengthen our earning base, we are aiming to increase our strategic investment in upstream and downstream fields.

Inorganic and Functional Chemicals
Our main business is handling inorganic chemicals and minerals such as sulfuric acid, silica, aluminium hydroxide and slag for various industries like water, glass, tire and construction. We are actively supplying various types of functional chemicals for coating, semiconductors and healthcare industries in Asia and Oceania.

Life Science
In the field of Life Science, we are engaged in the trading of pharmaceutical & cosmetics ingredients and animal health products. In addition, we are a reputable agrochemical & fertilizer marketer in this region, where our group companies, Union Harvest (Malaysia), Summit Rural WA (Australia), Summit Agro Vietnam (Vietnam) and Mahindra Summit Agriscience (India) provide optimal solutions to growers.

We deal with cutting edge electronics industry materials such as silicon wafers and HDD substrate. Another area of operation is in the Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) under Sumitronics Group mainly in Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines.

Sumitronics Group specializes in contract manufacturing of electronic components for “set makers” or manufacturers of assembled products, such as office automation products, automobile and white goods. We are expanding our EMS operation geographically and horizontally to cover more diversified business fields.