Chemical Solutions

Our Business Unit is active in various fields, including chemicals, electronics and agri-business.

Basic Chemicals (Organic Chemicals and Plastics)
We are handling mainly Asian-made petrochemical products while actively expanding our supply sources to other countries and areas. One of the core areas of our plastics business is the supply of plastic resins, primarily to manufacturers of automobile parts, electrical appliances, etc. in Asia and Middle East. We are also involved in manufacturing of super engineering plastics, and we are one of the shareholders of Kuraray GC Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. in Thailand.

Inorganic and Performance Chemicals
We are handling and distributing inorganic chemicals and industrial minerals, such as sulfuric acid, boron chemicals, yellow phosphorous, rare earth, aluminum hydroxide, sulfur, ammonia, copper slag and gypsum. Also, we are supplying performance chemicals, such as refrigerant and gases for various industries of automotive, rubber, plastics, electronics, healthcare, etc.

Green Chemical Development
We are developing sustainable supply chain that contributes to reduce environmental impact and creates new value by combining investment and trade based on our robust business foundation. Strategic fields in our region are sustainable plastics, such as recycle & biodegradable plastics and bio chemicals such as chemical materials made from biomass feedstock.

We are dealing with cutting edge electronics industry materials, such as silicon wafers and substrate materials. In addition, SUMITRONICS Group provides electronics manufacturing services (EMS) in the region for the manufacturers of office automation, automotives, home appliances and medical equipment, in Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Life Science
We are engaged in trading of pharmaceutical & cosmetics ingredients and animal health products. Key products are active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), pharmaceutical intermediates, emollient and film formers for cosmetics and processing of pet foods and so on.

We are handling agricultural inputs, such as fertilizer and crop protection products in the region. We are also providing new technologies, such as farm management system for growers in order to maximize agricultural outputs. Our group companies are Union Harvest Malaysia, Summit Rural WA (Australia), Summit Agro Vietnam, Mahindra Summit (India), Sumisho Agro India and Fumakilla Indonesia. Our mission is to support industries and societies and contribute to sustainable agriculture development.