Our business unit trades and invests in a broad range of products for life’s essentials such as food, retail and healthcare and ensures their stable supply by establishing globally integrated business models.

In food, we market a wide variety of agricultural and food products including grain, sugar, meat, flour, pre-mixed powders and seafood products. We also actively work on strategic investments in the production and processing of various food products. In flour and pre-mixed powder business, we have invested in Thai Nisshin Technomic for over 30 years in Thailand, and have a long-term strategic partnership with Singapore-based Prima Limited, one of Asia’s largest flour mill groups. In Oceania, we own the largest carrot juice concentrate processor, Juice Products New Zealand Limited.

In retail, we entered the Vietnamese market in 2018. We opened the supermarket “FujiMart” with our strategic partner BRG Group, aiming to offer people in Vietnam the quality of Japanese supermarkets. Applying the know-how garnered from Japanese-style supermarkets to the Vietnamese market, in particular on their strength of freshness control and customer-oriented services, FujiMart seeks to become an integral part of the local infrastructure, allowing consumers to enjoy peace of mind in purchasing safe perishables and other everyday food products. Three FujiMart stores have been operating with promising business performances in Hanoi and we are looking into the expansion of chain stores.

In healthcare, the market in our region has been growing rapidly and is expected to become one of the promising industries moving forward. We have enhanced our Managed Care business in Malaysia (PMCare, Health Connect) and are developing new businesses based on this platform. In addition to our business expansion, we are focusing on DX activities to improve the value of our services. Moreover, recently, we are also considering competency transfer within our region, utilizing the knowledge and know-how accumulated in Malaysia.