Automotive Business Unit No. 1

Our business unit is engaged in various businesses in the field of automotive. In response to the dynamic growth of Asian automotive industries, we provide diverse solutions to meet the increasing needs of manufacturers and consumers. We offer an entire value chain of services that include sourcing, procurement, component supply, manufacturing, distribution, wholesale and retail sales.

Strategic Fields

  • Car Dealerships in Thailand and Vietnam

    Our dealership group operates 5 branches in Thailand and 5 branches in Vietnam.

  • Truck and Bus Distributorship in Indonesia, Vietnam and Myanmar

    We sell and provide services of Hino trucks and buses in Indonesia, Vietnam and Myanmar as exclusive distributors and through joint ventures with local partners in each country.

  • Bus and Truck Manufacturing in India

    In India, we operate a commercial vehicles manufacturing plant in alliance with Isuzu Motors. Our main products are light and mid-size buses and trucks.

  • Automotive Parts Manufacturing in Indonesia, Thailand, India and Vietnam

    We operate iron casting and machining in Indonesia, Thailand and India. We also operate aluminum casting and machining in Vietnam.


Toyota dealerships in Thailand: We are engaged in new car and used car sales, along with maintenance services using advanced devices and systems introduced by Toyota Motor Corporation

Kiriu Thailand: We are the market leader of iron casting and machining in Thailand. Our main products are brake disc, brake drum and other automotive parts

Hino Distributor in Indonesia: We sell approximately 23,000 trucks and buses annually in our sales network of 160 outlets