Construction Materials & Real Estate

Our business unit deals with real estate and construction material business in the region

In real estate, an office building which prides itself on safety, efficient floor layout and many other cutting-edge functions was developed by Sumitomo in Jakarta (PT Summitmas Property / Summitmas I, II) in 1985. This modern building attracted many foreign companies as their base in the country and we have successfully maintained their satisfaction. Riding on the back of a growing economy and increasing demand in commercial properties in Jakarta, we developed a second office building next to the first one in 1992 and launched warehousing business in 2017. Building on this success, which is marked by a 100% occupancy rate, we are now planning to develop a third one.

We also launched our real estate business for condominium development in New Delhi, India. We will continue to seek opportunities in various property development to meet the demand from a rising middle class in Asia, as well as expand our existing commercial building business by leveraging our experience and know-how of operating properties in Asia.

In Construction Materials Business, SCAO Singapore is importing cement from Japan to Singapore for long time. Singapore is high cement demand market with one of the highest cement consumption volume per capita in the world.

Singapore is not a cement product country because a main raw material of cement, limestone, is not available in the island. Singapore fully relies its supplies of cement on import from other Asian countries. Especially, Japanese cement manufacturers have major market share in the market. Japanese cement has good quality to be satisfied with strict industrial standards in Singapore.

SCAO is continuing to work with steady business partners and contribute to many construction projects in Singapore.


Summitmas Building I & II in Jakarta, Indonesia

Residential Condominium Gurugram Project, India

Cement Terminal in Singapore