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Our business unit trades and invests in a broad range of products for life’s essentials such as food, woods and real estate, and ensures their stable supply by establishing globally integrated business models. To further meet consumers’ demands and respond to diversifying lifestyles, we have been expanding our media and digital business in the region.

In food, our portfolio includes grains, oilseeds, fruits, sugar, seafood, and dairy products. We develop integrated business models that extend from production and processing to quality management and sales.

In wood resources, we manage the total life cycle of a forest in New Zealand in a sustainable way, and the harvested logs are sold and exported to the New Zealand domestic and Asian markets.

In real estate, we have developed and managed distinct quality office buildings since 1985 in Jakarta. By applying this successful experience and know-how, we will move forward to our next challenge – the development of residential properties.

In media and digital business, we have entered the telecommunications business in Myanmar and are developing media and IT services-related businesses in Asian countries.

Strategic Fields

  • Food

    We market a wide variety of agricultural and food products including grain, sugar, bananas, chicken, flour, pre-mixed powders and seafood products. In our grain business, Emerald Grain Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation group, is one of Australia’s leading grain companies. They trade 4 million tons of grain and operate 14 upcountry sites and 2 grain export terminals. They can enhance our grain value-chain. We further established a strategic partnership with Singapore-based Prima Limited, one of Asia’s largest flour mill groups, to acquire Australia’s largest frozen dough producer now known as Suprima Bakeries Pty Ltd.

    We have established CJ-SC Global Milling LLC as a new joint venture of wheat flour mill in Vietnam with CJ CheilJedang, a major food company in South Korea and started production that extends to processing.

    In the sugar business, we invested in Kaset Thai International Sugar Corporation Public Company Limited. Kaset Thai is the third largest sugar manufacturer in Northern Thailand. In addition, they produce ethanol and pulp utilising by-products from sugarcane. Leveraging its geographical advantage, we are positioning Thailand not only as a core market but also a springboard for sugar business expansion in Southeast Asia.

    To further expand our business and offer integrated solutions to our customers, we are actively working on strategic investments in the production and processing of various food products. We have acquired the largest carrot juice concentrate processor in Australasia, Juice Products New Zealand Limited.

  • Wood Resources

    We acquired 36,000 hectares of forest located in the northern end of New Zealand in recent years to expand our timber business (Summit Forests New Zealand Limited) and to secure wood resources for the Asian market. Radiata pine is the major species grown in the plantation and it normally takes 30 years to reach its maturity. We manage the entire forest life cycle, by repeating planting, thinning and felling. We prioritise sustainability in forest asset management to maintain the local environment. Wood products from the forest are sold and exported to New Zealand domestic and Asian markets and they have a reputation for the finest quality.

  • Real Estate

    In 1985, a building which prides itself on safety, efficient floor layout and many other cutting-edge functions was developed by Sumitomo in Jakarta (PT Summitmas Property / Summitmas I, II). This modern building attracted many foreign companies as their base in the country and we have successfully maintained their satisfaction. Riding on the back of a growing economy and increasing demand in commercial properties in Jakarta, we developed a second office building next to the first one in 1992 and launched warehousing business in 2017. Building on this success, which is marked by a 100% occupancy rate, we are now planning to develop a third one.

    We will continue to seek opportunities in residential property development to meet the demand from an increasing middle class in Asia, as well as expand our existing commercial building business by leveraging our experience and know-how of operating properties in Asia.

  • Media & Digital Business

    We have been providing Japanese content for the widely known TV programme “Japan Hour” which is telecast in 25 territories across Asia, Oceania and the Middle East, reaching around 60 million homes and hotel rooms.

    In Thailand, we have commenced our TV home shopping business (SHOP Global (Thailand) Co., Ltd.) by leveraging the experience and know-how gained at Sumitomo Corporation’s Jupiter Shop Channel, the largest TV home shopping operator in Japan.

    We have also launched a joint operation with KDDI and Myanmar Posts & Telecommunications (MPT) to expand the telecommunications business, aimed at providing “Japanese quality” mobile, fixed line and internet services throughout Myanmar. We have actively conducted a series of activities, including complete renewal of brand image, opening the directly operated MPT shop and expansion of sales network and telecommunications. We will leverage the know-how of telecommunications business which we have accumulated in emerging countries over many years to support economic growth and the improvement of living standards in Myanmar.

    In 2016 we partnered Monotaro Co. Ltd, a leading player of online Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) business in Japan and launched, a business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce platform specialising in MRO to meet a broad range of pantry and office needs in Indonesia.

    We see huge potential in Asia and are currently developing other media, broadcasting and IT services-related businesses in the region, leveraging our expertise acquired by having established and been operating the largest cable TV operator and the largest multi-channel operator in Japan, Jupiter Telecommunications Co., Ltd.


Wild horses run free in the forest managed by Summit Northern Plantation in New Zealand's North Island

Summitmas Building I & II in Jakarta, Indonesia

Online MRO business in Indonesia

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